Blackjack vs Online Blackjack

The game of Blackjack is one of the most played casino games in the world. It is played across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia with its neighbors. Like many casino games, Blackjack has moved online and as a result, the game draws a player base that is constantly growing. Online you can even play all type of Free Blackjack games to practice.

Online Blackjack

Playing Online blackjack is becoming increasingly desired. A certified random number generator is used to deal the cards. Altogether the online casinos, for example like Admiral Casino, have their RNGs tested by their third parties. The game itself is brilliantly simple. It is to be noticed that an online blackjack game is easier to play than the traditional one because there are no distractions. You can play it comfortably from your home, you know when it’s your turn and you can play at your pace without being rushed by players or by the dealer. Because of its popularity, online casinos offers more blackjack variants, while the land-based casinos offers only one blackjack variant. In fact, you will find out that you can try a vaster range of blackjack games that will allow players to learn all the variations quicker and engage in them anytime they want to, even if it’s nothing but practice mode. Alternatively, there are also plenty of live blackjack dealers operating via video streaming, a good alternative if you wish to play blackjack live. Another advantage of playing blackjack online, it is the fact that is always available, while the disadvantage is that you don’t gain the experience of a live casino.

The Traditional Blackjack Card Game

Those who prefer the real casino experience, a traditional, personal blackjack seems to be ideal. Playing at a blackjack table with other players and a dealer can be good for socializing too. On top of that, you receive drinks and enjoy a luxurious site. The blackjack table is hosted by professional dealers that are expected to have years of experience in the industry. There are no RNGs, the outcomes are identical and everything takes place in real time. You also get interrupted by waitresses or communicative people. Your playtime could be paused, or your focus could be lost, depending on your situation.


Depending on the player, a game of blackjack can be experienced in both ways. Online by following some tutorials or in real life where the dealer and the players could offer some pieces of advice. The game itself is without competition. It’s just you and the dealer, while online, other participants are not present and at a land-based casino you meet pleasant players that are communicative and friendly.   

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