Clash & GO World’s First Augemented Reality Strategy Game Edited

Over the last couple of years, the craze of real-time strategy games has drastically increased. The first RTS games appeared way back in the early 1990s. Since then, a large number of game development companies havebeenreleasingRTS games, and some of them have already become a legend. As the mobile market isthe best place for RTS gamesnow, Clash of Clans, Vikings, Total War arebecoming increasingly popularall over the world.

Introducing Clash and Go

Clash &Go is a unique combination of Augmented Reality and Strategy Game: the project utilizes blockchain technology and combines a geolocation game in augmented reality (AR) and a city-building strategy game featuring real-time battles. With the help of the CGO token, players will be able to manipulatethe merging of the virtual and the real world.

What is the Role of Blockchain in Clash &GO?

Clash and Go utilizes Blockchain in 2 different ways:

  1. Clash & Go AR Gameplay uses the CGO token as a balancing tool. Sincegeoobjectsprovide certain benefitsto their holders, each player wants to control the AR world.By means of CGO tokens,all the involved players will be able to affect their Augmented Surroundings. On top of that, CGO token has two importantbenefits:

– Token transactions are fully transparent and fair

– Players have full right to buy and sell tokens onexchanges at anytime

  1. Ethereum smart contracts ensure that the number of tokens from a delayed emission for the in-game auction will not be changed. Token allotment is availablefor audit. Thus, players will be able tospend currency to buy tokens at the Auction.

How to Play Clash & GO?

The game offers two types of Gameplay: Strategic and AR.

In strategic mode, a player has to use careful planning to command the base entrusted to

him/her, thendevelop it so as not to allow other players to seize its resources,and fight other players for resources. In AR-mode, the game uses geolocation, by turningthe surrounding world into a real battlefield. In Clash & GO, players travel in real time, gather resources, complete geolocation quests, look for artifacts and containers with modules, and more:

– Players capture geoobjects, located inimportant or exciting places in the city.

– Whenever a player tries to seizea geoobject whichis already under control of another user, a real-time battle begins.

– The gameplay of Clash & GO also stimulates playersto join Clans in order to control the territory together with friends and get more resources and as a result, tokens.

Each Clash & Go player earns CGO tokens which can be transferred to their crypto-wallet. Tokens can be bought at the Auction in exchange for antimatter (in-game currency) that, in its turn,can be obtained from mines in the game.

Key Features of Clash & GO

– Geolocation-based gameplay

– Widevariety of resources and Artifacts on the Augmented Reality Map

– Possibility to create Clans with friends from your neighborhood

– Possibility to create and evolve your Heroes

– Possibility tocontrol the AR world

– Units and BuildingsUpgrade

– Possibility to gain CGO tokens within the game

– Rich RPG mechanicsand wide range of unique features

When will the game be released?

Clash & GOwill be released in August, 2018. The Public Token Sale starts in September, 2018.

Final thoughts

Clash & Go hasunique features and characteristics that willhelp it become on the most amazing Augmented Reality Strategy games in 2018. It’sdeveloped by a team of talented and experienced specialistsfrom Elyland – a company that over the last 10 years has released 6 successful projects played by 77 million users worldwide.

Augmented reality on the blockchain is something that will become a  part of our daily lives faster than we can imagine, according to M. Christensen,founder of

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