Behold ‘The Adventures of Mega Penguin’ – Media Molecule’s extraordinary E3 Dreams game jam

At E3 2018 we rounded up a host of developer friends and asked our wonderful Community to give us a story to create in Dreams! Our Co-Founder Alex Evans kicked off the tale while Lead Artist Francis Pang and Audio Programmer Bogdan Vera took the reins on bringing the incoming ideas to life, all from within our own little hideaway at Sony’s booth (aka, the Lair of the Mega Penguin).

We didn’t know what to expect when asking for ideas, only that it would include a Mega Penguin stuck on the moon (nothing is weird to us anymore). That said, the E3 Mega Penguin jam was a great demonstration of one of our favourite things about Dreams – how easy it is to collaborate, create and spend some quality time together doing it.

From John Beech working on props like the most intricately made strawberries imaginable (every pip, John, really?!) and snowman rocket special effects, to Tom Colvin lending his dulcet tones to Mega Penguin, our E3 managed to work lots of extra silliness into the piece.

Before we left Los Angeles, we even did a Molecule controller-passing jam session with the whole team in poor Bogdan’s hotel room to add the finishing touches, like some lady penguin voices (Siobhan and Abbie) and snow effects – we even had a task list courtesy of our on-site producers always having post-it notes on-hand!

Dreams game jam

But, how did it turn out? Did we include everything tasked of us? Well, let’s find out. Bring on the Mega Penguin!

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