Jurassic World Evolution Game Review

Frontier Developments came up with this business simulation video game. The game is currently available on Xbox, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows but already there are indications that the game will soon find its way onto online casinos. www.novibet.co.uk offer great video games to its customers, therefore, there is no ruling out that this casino will be one of the very first to provide Jurassic World Evolution to millions of online gamers.

Game Play

Jurassic World Evolution is a business simulation game. Every move that you make in this game should be strategic and it should result in more profits for the business. In this game, you play the role of the owner of a large dinosaur theme park. As the owner, you already have a business that’s in operation but your desire for more profits pushes you into creating other sources of revenue and upgrading the facilities that are already present in order to realise more profits.

The first thing that you are tasked to do in this game is to expand the theme park. Your theme park is located on the edge of an island and it’s your responsibility to ensure that you raise resources to expand. There are several ways in which you can raise resources including the following.

One of the methods that you can adoptto increase profitability hence expand the theme park is by building more facilities on the site. Cooperate with your employees and build facilities that house different sizes of dinosaurs. Build research facilities and the Expedition Centre where palaeontologists and other scientists dig up fossils and do DNA tests that enable you to come up with new species of dinosaurs the world has never seen. With these new species of dinosaurs,you attract more visitors to your theme park something which will, in turn, lead you to realise more profits that are essential toexpanding your theme park.

The second method that you can employ to realise more profits is by building entertainment facilities for your visitors. It’s your theme park so the choice is yours to think of the entertainment facilities you want to construct for your customers. You can build anything from cinemas to bars, pubsand restaurants. Just bear in mind that your ultimate goal is profit making thereby you need to build facilities that will earn you money rather than lose you money.

The third strategy that you can employ to realise more profits is by selling your dinosaurs to interested parties. You live in a dangerous world and as a business person you have many enemies as such you need to do your research on who you are selling your dinosaurs to. Sell to the wrong person and they will unleash the dinosaurs onto your customers and this will affect your business.

The last methods you can employ is by putting in place measures to guarantee the safety of customers. There are many threats posing danger to your customers and how you handle these threats determine if you are going to attract more customers or if you are going to lose customers. Threats include the security guy who wants to breed an aggressive velociraptor and unleash it onto your customers while at the same time refusing to use tranquiliser darts in emergencies, dinosaur breakouts, unpredictable weather and power failures.

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