6 sports-related PS VR games worth playing now the World Cup is finished

That noise you hear is World Cup fever rapidly vacating the globe for another four years. Understandably being bereft of that electrifying energy from the past few weeks may cause some of us to enter a post-tournament slump.

If so though, we’ve a suggestion – six in fact – as to how best to tackle those blues and reignite your competitive, sporting spirit.

Below you’ll find a half-dozen PS VR games that require sporting finesse to overcome adversity and arcade thrills to drive the adrenaline back up to those World Cup heights. So grab your PS VR headset and choose your favoured activity.

1. Hone your football skills with…Headmaster

Take a trip to the Football Improvement Centre and hone your ability to head a ball (amongst other things) in this fun arcade romp. With a robust 40-level single player campaign and a local party mode, Headmaster will help fill that gap left behind by the World Cup.

2. Join the futuristic dodgeball elite in…Sparc

From the creator of Eve: Valkyrie comes a very different competitive sci-fi multiplayer experience. Compete in frenetic, full-body contact sport with a Tron-like visual design and fast-paced tactical play. Try to strike your opponent while simultaneously dodging or blocking their projectiles.

3. Become an intergalactic parkour master in…Sprint Vector

Feel the need for lightning-fast speed and crazy parkour moves in this ultra-colourful and stylish racer. But it’s not just about being fleet of foot: you’ll need skill and tactics to be first to the finishing line. Sci-fi thrills for adrenaline junkies.

4. Learn archery to survive a hostile environment in…Apex Construct

Sure you can take your time, take a breath, take a bead on a far away target in an archery range. Or you could up the ante and test of your aim in a post-apocalyptic setting where a bullseye if the difference between life and death. Aim true and destroy murderous AI before they strike in this slice of sci-fi action from the minds behind Mirror’s Edge.

5. Outbox a moustachioed Octopus in… Knockout League

Coupled with a pair of PS Move controllers, PS VR can make you feel like you’re in the ring and going 10 rounds against boxing’s best. But Knockout League favours arcade speed over laboured simulation, and stacked as it is with a roster of memorable fighters (including an octopus called, obviously Sir Octopunch) you’ll have more memorable wins than Rocky.

6. Build the perfect team strategy against the clock in… 2MD: VR Football


Play coach and quarterback in this arcade take on the NFL. Every play runs over a short but tense two minute timer. Draw out your on-pitch strategy pre-match before testing your tactics on the field as you throw and run the ball for a touchdown and leaderboard glory.

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