Drive multiple locomotives, complete unique challenges and more in Train Sim World, out today on PS4

Hello, there! I’m so excited to be here with you for the launch of Train Sim World today on PS4. Train Sim World brings to life the experience of operating powerful and realistic trains at breathtaking speeds on some of the world’s most amazing railways.

You’ll learn to master their complex controls and systems to make them move in their full, proper glory! It’s the most detailed and authentically engaging train simulator we’ve ever made, and it’s the first time in history you can experience it on PlayStation.

A real rail adventure

One of the things we’re happiest about in bringing Train Sim World to PlayStation is opening up this genre we love to so many people who may have never played a train sim game before.


You may be asking yourself, “What’s so fun about a game about trains?” For us, it’s all about getting to feel what it’s like to command some of the greatest marvels of modern engineering ever built.

The battle to get thousands of pounds of metal to speed between stations in minutes and stop on time alongside a slim stretch of platform. Maintaining that focus, patience and control over time, looking out for signals or speed limit changes and making adjustments under pressure on the fly.

Train Sim World is modeled after real-world train design, operations and culture. It captures a day in the real life of a train driver, and beyond that, it offers an exciting experience for anyone who likes a true test of skill. This is a game made for diehard railfans and players who enjoy the pure joy of intricate gameplay challenges alike.

Now please don’t go thinking any of this replaces the extensive training that real train drivers undergo; this is still a video game.


But you will come to understand how it all works, and we think that’s a huge part of the fun. Many of us grew up with trains; we’re both lifelong gamers and rail fans, and we work with real railroad engineers on our testing team. We go to great lengths to ensure Train Sim World captures the look and feel of real-world train operations as accurately as possible.

From the world-famous Northeast Corridor in the U.S. to one of Britain’s busiest routes and Germany’s historic city S-Bahn railways, Train Sim World simulates real locomotives, stations and routes, establishing a deep sense of authenticity and allowing rail fans to recreate scenes they know from life.

Your digital train set

Train Sim World is made to deliver that feeling of playing with model trains at home.

You’ll learn how to operate six very different types of locomotive, from high-speed rail to heavy-duty freight, completing unique challenges around the world inspired by the work real train drivers do every day. And while the train ultimately has to stay on the rails (sorry), we let you shape your experience to your personal style as much as possible with a variety of modes and features.


So what do you feel like doing? Tear up the long distances between metropolises in a high-speed train, go station-hopping in a commuter train to get passengers home on time, become a CSX freight engineer with over 10 hours of freight deliveries and switching scenarios to complete… or just take a seat as a passenger and enjoy the scenery, seeing the world come into view and disappear on the horizon.

If you don’t want to feel restrained by deadlines, Train Sim World’s Service Mode takes the experience to the next level with true-to-life recreations of full 24-hour timetables.

Start anywhere, drive or ride for as long as you want, and if you see a train you like, you can jump in and take over the service from there throughout the entire day. It’s a more open, sandbox-style of gameplay that lets you just enjoy the freedom of the rails.

A natural feel that nails the details

Our highest priority in bringing Train Sim World to PS4 was making sure the game plays intuitively on your Dualshock 4 without losing any of the precision and control you’d have on a mouse and keyboard.

It’s designed to give you quick and easy command of the full range of functionality of a real-life locomotive from the comfort of your couch.


This includes pop-up menus to access occasionally used functions, a virtual mouse pointer that lets you touch every control you can see in the cab, and mapping regularly accessed functions like the throttle, horn and brakes so that they’re always at the ready.

Train Sim World is powered on PS4 by Unreal Engine 4 and our own SimuGraph vehicle dynamics engine, using real-world data to reproduce the performance, sound and feel of real locomotives.

Whether you’re in the cab looking over the control panel in front of you or playing in third-person, watching your massive machine lurch to high speed from outside, there’s so much detail we can’t wait for you to discover.

Train Sim World and Train Sim World Digital Deluxe are available now on PS4. See you on the rails!

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