How FIFA 19’s biggest gameplay changes make EA Sports’ franchise more realistic than ever

The latest changes in gameplay coming in EA Sports FIFA 19 combine to make every match more realistic and every decision on the virtual pitch more crucial. From the most technical and subtle of touches to the broader ways in which you set up your squad, every feature plays a big part in bringing you even closer to the beautiful game.

The most prominent new gameplay functions in FIFA 19 are the Active Touch System, Dynamic Tactics, 50/50 Battles, and Timed Finishing, and each affects how you play the game in unique and nuanced ways.

1. The Active Touch system

Every touch of the ball in FIFA 19 is different—and better—with the Active Touch System. Whether you’re striking, receiving, or controlling the ball, you’ll notice smoother movements and crisper actions all over the pitch.

Utilize closer control, a variety of creative options, and more distinct player technique; master unique animations, including the disguised trap, flick-up volley, and more. Discover combinations to use when receiving or passing the ball, and use your head, chest, knees, and feet to create space and befuddle opponents.

2. Dynamic Tactics

Use Dynamic Tactics to get another level of control over your team’s pre-match preparation, as well as in-game adjustments.

Set up multiple tactical approaches that can include different formations, personnel, instructions, and more, then bind them to the D-Pad so that you can change them during matches at any time.

Dynamic Tactics also changes how tactics are executed in matches, making your tactical control and changes more visually obvious on the pitch. 50/50 Battles overhauls the process for challenging loose balls, so that players act and react realistically in every battle for possession.

User reactions and player attributes combine to decide who comes out on top in every 50/50 challenge. Teammates move more intelligently on the pitch, making possession in dangerous areas even more important.

3. Timed Finishing

All of this is a big deal for FIFA 19, but Timed Finishing is likely to be the feature that players will be most interested in trying for themselves.
It adds another layer to shooting that can potentially provide a crucial accuracy and power boost on its way to goal. Basic shooting doesn’t change, but with just one extra tap of the “shoot” button, world-class goals are within your reach.

This advantage doesn’t come without risk because, as the name implies, Timed Finishing is all about timing. If your extra tap is too early or too late, it could actually make your shot worse.

The world’s game is back with some of the finest features in the franchise history, making FIFA 19 on PlayStation 4 a can’t-miss gaming experience. Pre-order FIFA 19 for PlayStation 4 today.

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