Sneaky Bears Review

So, Sneaky Bears, as the title may hint towards- needs a PS4 VR set. There is no option to play without one, which is arguably better for me. To my knowledge they didn’t sell very well, but I digress I knew someone who had one so after the original panic of ‘What do I do I can’t play this game?’ I sorted myself out with the equipment and played. Sneaky Bears, you surprised me, I must say!

Sneaky Bears is fun and inventive in a sense, something new and something borrowed. The classic sort of shoot to kill objective but with bears instead of something that will stir up controversy. So we start off in a cool sort of circle where we can’t move and everything is out in front of you, you move your head and you see everything, settings game modes etc.

There are three game modes ‘Survival’ ‘Fire’ and ‘Bomb’. Pick your poison as each one is actually quite interesting, believe it or not, I was sceptical at first too but actually had some fun eventually once I got it working. You select your button, ‘Survival’ was my first and a sort of movie set appears in front of you. It’s actually quite cool and looks good graphically about standard for a new VR game but still, the colours work well together and it looks aesthetically interesting. After you get past the floating blue hands that are yours- you’re now blue, congrats. You have this short practice in place of a load screen where you can work on your aim, which I always love, because nothing throws you off more than a loading screen. You enter the actual level then and it’s FUN. You get a shotgun and a pistol and you work out what works best for each type of enemy, for example some enemies need to be hit with a shotgun some can just be hit with the pistol. Your reload will make you feel like a badass, need ammo, throw your gun away and pull out a new one, from where… I don’t know. As the level progresses it gets harder and enemies will hit you, but you shoot a bullseye for more health, it’s an interesting twist on a sort of wave by wave gameplay for example Gears of Wars wave by wave game mode. As you progress you get an option for ‘Boss’, you gain access also to a water gun, which is used to, you guessed it, put out fires. Then you go through waves and fight the boss.

The other two game modes are god as well, each having their unique parts, yet I feel Survival is the most perfected and interesting. As there is only so much variety in this game. There is not a lot of replay potential in this game and it could potentially deter people from buying, but it is fun, regardless. This wave based shooter is as i said, something new and provides a different sort of perspective on a genre gone stale.

I do suggest buying this game, as it is a lot of fun. You can out a fair few hours into it and it’s good for families, kids can get involved, as can adults. Yet one thing that really annoyed me was the fact there was not other option than to use VR. I mean I understand that they want people to buy their products and add ons and such but for people like me who have headaches and migraines as well as glasses are a bit out-of-place in the age of VR, as it is not comfortable to wear the glasses and there’s no point playing without them AND VR only encourages headaches really. Yet the controls work well and the headache wasn’t that bad after I finished playing- was still a headache, yes, but it wasn’t too bad.

Overall, the controls work well and I liked the game, is it game of the year? No. But it’s good for what it is, as a wave based shooter, it is new and interesting and deserves a go, as it has very little technical error or glitch and is perfected to the highest standard that most VR games at the moment have.

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