8 most bizarre slot cheating tricks in history

Over history, casinos have reported numerous cheating incidences where thieves have used hacking software, physical devices, and other witty techniques to steal from casinos. Although it’s not totally impossible to cheat in an online casino like tells https://freshcasinobonus.com/, most of these cheating cases have been prevalent to land casinos.

The incidences sure seem heroic but stealing from a casino is a dangerous mission by all means. Perpetrators risk a jail term of not less than 7 years or a fine of not less than $10000. In spite of that, here are a few slot cheating tricks that have actually worked in the past:

ü  The tied string

Traditional coin acceptance slot machines were designed in such a way that it was possible to hold on to your coin while playing as long as it was chipped inside the machine. Players would, therefore, tie their coin to a string while playing, pull it out after completing that round and then use the same coin as credit for consecutive runs.

It’s quite easy to be spotted when you are straining to hold on to a coin while playing in a casino so most people who used this technique ended up being caught. This trick came to end with the introduction of advanced coin acceptance machines with alarms that could be triggered off if anyone tried to pull up a coin from the machine.

ü  Let the magnet do the job

The outer case applied to the simplest forms of slots machines was thin and so it was possible to manipulate the inside components, all of which were made of metal, with a magnet. Placing a magnet close to the machine would make the reels to start spinning. To win, the cheats would remove the magnet when the reels aligned to a winning combination.

Since there is neither strain nor rocket science that comes with using a magnet, most people using this trick actually got away with it. To bring the trick to an end, physical slot developers started insulating the machines with thick non conducting material until it was no longer possible to reach the inside components of a slot machine with a piece of magnet.

ü  Fake coins

Traditional slot machines lacked a coin recognition mechanism which would distinguish real from fake coins. It was, therefore, easy for players to use fake coins for credits. Currency recognition software later sprung to bring an end to this most daring scam that saw many casinos in Downtown Vegas shut down as a result of collecting useless pieces of metal from the coin deposit safes.

ü  Laser beam

Advancements in slot machines brought about the optical sensor. Its work was to distinguish real from fake coins and also to determine how many coins had been deposited.

Slot thieves, believe it or not, saw this coming. They invented a counter laser wand that would shamble the optical scanner and thus the entire system. After focusing the special laser wand on the slot’s optical sensor, the machine would neither tell how much had been deposited or how much it was paying out. This way, the players would get playing credits without even inserting coins into the machine and when they won, the machine would pay out more than triple of what they had won.

The short-lived piano wire

The inventors opened the target slot machine and attached piano wires to the rotating guts. During gameplay, the piano wires jammed the clock that regulated the number of times that the wheel rotated. This enabled the perpetrators to influence where the combinations would stop. They hit a $50000 jackpot but their joy came to an end all thanks to the new casino monitoring invention, that is, the CCTV camera.

The long Q

This was a popular trick in the late 80s and early 90s. It consisted of a top part (shaped into a small q) and a bottom part (a long straight wire). Inserting the top into the upper coin slot and the bottom part into the coin runway below would jam the whole machine such that it would release coins non-stop.

$1 for $100

This was probably the simplest trick to carry out in the old times. A small device would be used to embed fake watermarks and printings on a $1 note so that the slot machine would mistake it for a $100 bill.

Witty software

When it comes to slot cheating techniques, this is the most impressive invention yet. It is the only trick capable of leaving all types of casinos down and out up to today.

Developers of this kind of programs have managed to come up with software that is capable of causing a glitch in the overall gameplay. Before the glitch is resolved, the player can easily hit the jackpot 3 consecutive times. Since the chances for tracing the glitch back to you are very slim, this is by far the safest casino-looting scam to carry out.

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