Three reasons you should pick-up Detroit: Become Human for less this weekend on PlayStation Store

If you’ve not had a chance to sample the incredibly detailed, futuristic world of David Cage’s Detroit: Become Human, then now is your chance.

This weekend you can pick the critically-lauded PS4 exclusive for a special low price, and follow the main protagonists through an arresting vision of future America where android technology is a domestic convenience and the line that separates man and machine has become irrevocably blurred.

It might be that you’ve heard about the game, but aren’t quite sure – never fear, check out three key reasons you should dive in.

1. You get three stories in one

A gaming experience built around deep narrative choice and player agency, Detroit: Become Human immerses you in three very different, but intersecting, lives.

Connor is a cutting-edge android built to investigate other malfunctioning machines, Markus, a creative and compassionate android caught in a cruel miscarriage of justice, and Kara, a domestic care android driven from an unstable family home.

Each character will cast a different light on life in future Detroit as you interact with the world around you, shaping their stories and the lives of those who live alongside them.

2. Your choices drive everything that happens

With a huge number of possible outcomes to every scenario, the way you choose to play and your ability to respond swiftly to challenges has a huge impact on the story and its outcome.

Your attention to detail in investigating your options in every encounter, your cunning in dealing with hostile situations, your ability to empathise with the positions of others you meet – all of these factors will shape the story unfolding around you, placing not just the characters, but you yourself at the heart of Detroit: Become Human’s narrative.

3. You’ll explore a stunningly detailed world

Detroit: Become Human presents a world of incredible visual richness, where every space you explore is packed with telling details that expand the narrative around you. Every character interaction and line of dialogue is captured from real-world actors who lend both their voices and likeness to the game.

It’s an environment built to invite your curiosity. The more your look around, investigate and inspect, the more you’ll learn about the current social climate, the anxieties of ordinary people and the lives of those you interact with.

Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human is available at a special low price in our Deal of the Week promotion – pick it up now.

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