Can PES return to the top of the league?

With any new football season that starts there is undoubtedly a lot of anticipation, nine months of high drama is on the horizon as the highs and lows of supporting your team week in and week out takes its toll.

The optimism that you take going into a new campaign can be crushed on the opening day after witnessing a heavy home defeat, a result that tells you that this season is going to be one of more lows than highs.


However, there is also another reason to be excited when the football season starts. That being the new editions of franchises such as FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer. This year is no different with the 2019 versions soon to drop through our letterboxes.

It is fair to say that the EA studio has stolen a march over the past few years as FIFA has opened up a comfortable lead at the top of the Football gaming league table. One that may even increase after their latest announcement.

That being the capture of the prized Champions League license from their Konami designed arch rivals. That has arguably been the missing jewel in FIFA’s crown as of late and this news will be incredibly welcomed by their legion of fans.

But like any team that loses its best playerin the Summer transfer window, there is always a plan on how to evolve and the team at Pro Evolution Soccer towers have done exactly that with a host of new signings themselves.


One thing that has let PES down in the past is the lack of official licenses, the gameplay has been on point but ask many football fans and they would rather be controlling Cristiano Ronaldo rather Cristopher Renlado to a last-minute winner.

This means that all the hard work that goes into making PES each year has been overlooked by many and in turn has become something of the purchase for more of the footballing hipster. However, with a raft of new leagues on board this season it could be time for a return to the mainstream.

Seven new competitions have been added for PES 2019. Fans in Scotland can rejoice at the news that the Old Firm derby can now be battled out online or with your best mate on the sofa. asBrendan Rodgers and Steven Gerrard square offin digital form.

The other six leagues that are added are the top divisions from Portugal, Belgium, Turkey, Denmark, Switzerland and Russia. This means such legendary clubs as Anderlecht, Benfica, CSKA Moscow and Galatasaray are now available to choose from.

These new additions complement the existing competitions that were previously available as the game has a real global feel to it. South American football is once more represented with the top division from Argentina, Brazil, Chile included once more.

While there is a Champions League of sorts, this time though it is of the Asian variety. Konami have made sure that fans of the likes of Sydney FC and Melbourne Victory from Australia’s A-League competition are included.

It’s not just the club or league licenses that are added weight to the game this season, there are also some of the world’s greatest stadiums that will play a part in making this one of if not the best version of PES since the latest generations of consoles called the game home.

They may not be able to officially license such elite competitions as the Premier League or La Liga, but they have at least managed to link up individually with the likes of Catalan giants Barcelona and Unai Emery’s new look Arsenal side.

Thanks to these individual license agreements it means they can make use of such stadiums as the Nou Camp or the Emirates Stadium in North London. Something that they have used to great effect as the final images are breathtaking.

Thanks to their existing partnership with the Dutch Eredivisie it also means the Johan Cruyff Arena is represented courtesy of Ajax. Formerly known as the Amsterdam Arena, it was renamed in honour of the legendary player after his death in 2016.

In terms of game play there haven’t be wholesale changes since the 2018 release, for the simple reason that it hasn’t really been necessary. However, the tweaks that have been made have certainly been positive.


PES could also make the transition to the every popular online slots market, this would help to increase its reach to a new customer base that has never played this football game on any of the consoles. There are places where you can play uk online slot gamesand they have games from all themes including football and other sports such as basketball, tennis and racing.

One element that has been introduced is the option to utilise quick subs, this means you no longer have to go into the menu after pausing the game. This ultimately means that there is no need for the flow of the game to be disrupted.

That was a bug bear for many players in previous editions of PES. Playing a game had the danger of becoming too stop, start due to the number of enforced tactical or personnel changes that needed to be made.

Now PES moves a step closer to emulating real-life football as any important changes can be made on the fly, leaving you free to focus on how you going to take the 94thminute penalty that you’ve just been awarded.

And the fact that quick subs can be made will be all the more important this time around as Konami have now introduced the ‘Visible Fatigue’ system which means you have to manage your players energy levels a lot better.

No more can you just give the ball to your paciest player and expect him to cause havoc up and down the touchline for a full 90 minutes. This means the game takes another step close to simulation rather than the arcade feel of the past.

PES may not go on to win any silverware, but at least this year’s race for the football game league title will not be a one-horse race. If Konami can keep this positive trajectory going in the next few years, then they could well return to the top and usurp their EA arch rivals.

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