If you are one who is gaming geek and play war games on your android device or using an android emulator, it is easier to play using a PS4 controller. The best thing is most of the android games support built in, and some do not require root apps.

If you have PS4 and you are playing a game with built-in gamepad support, then it is it’s effortless to pair PlayStation4 with your Android device using Bluetooth. But how to pair it.

It is possible that you might know the process, but if in case if you don’t know, we are here to help you. In this article, we will support you with step by step guide to connect the PS4 controller to your android. So get ready, and keep reading!

Step 1: Get Your Controller Ready

Ø  First, we try to list the PS4 in our android device because it is possible that for our Android phone or tablet the controller is listed as a Bluetooth connection.

Ø  To do it, take your PS4 wireless controller and use the following combination to access pairing mode. Press the share and PS button together until the light starts to flash white on your PS4.

Step 2: Set Up Your Android

Ø  Next, take your Android device, and locate the Bluetooth option.

Ø  Click on it to enable Bluetooth. As it starts scanning, it shows Wireless Controller option in the available Bluetooth device. As you connect the both that is your device and controller, you can see that PS4 controller navigates through your device. However, the actions are limited.

Step 3: Enable Third-Party Controls in a Game

Ø  As I mentioned above, not all games are compatible to run with a third party controller. But many games support it. So to check it, go to the game’s setting option and look is there any controller option available or not. All we know each game is different but to enjoy the game with a ps4 controller, you have first to disable the Android controls or choose a third-party controller option.

Ø  If you find that your game has no built-in support for controllers, then try Tincore Keymapper app to work with it.

Step 4: Connecting Back to Your PS4

Ø  When you completed your android games and needed your Play Station4 as it is, then the process is simple.

Ø  Connect the PS controller to the gaming console using the mini-USB cord and then hold the PS button.

Ø  In a few seconds, it becomes your old PS4 again.


It is all about how to connect PlayStation 4 to your Android device. After reading the article, you may find that the setup, as well as the games, are also easy to play. What do you think about it? Or have any doubts? Then ask us freely using the comment section below. We also like to hear from you and solve your problems. Thank you!

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