Project Cars 2’s final DLC, celebrating the legendary Ferrari, roars onto PS4 tomorrow

When I was asked to reveal just three highlights from this final DLC for Project Cars 2 that’s loaded with so much Ferrari goodness (8 new Ferraris and 2 tracks) for PlayStation Blog, my first instinct was to book some vacation time – this was like asking me to choose my favourite child. (Actually, I don’t have kids, so at least they won’t be exasperated by my choices here!)

Before selecting my two favourite cars to reveal here, though, let me start by revealing the two tracks that come with the Pack: Ferrari’s very own test-track at Fiorano, and the Mugello Circuit near Florence.

Project Cars 2

Mugello – creating high-speed heroes since 1914

Racing fans who’ve been turning up at Mugello for the last hundred years have always been a tad fanatical; they like winners here, but they absolutely worship fighters – those head-down, skillful and brave all-action heroes who always rise to the top around this classic track.

Ferrari actually saved Mugello from extinction back in the late-’80s, and it retains that special “something” from a racing world that is quickly vanishing around us: With its definitive, old-style series of fast sweeping turns that demand total commitment, this 5km track is a true driver’s circuit, an exciting and intoxicating place that mixes raw speed and thrills with heroic drivers going back a century. Mythical stuff.

Project Cars 2Project Cars 2

Speed & thrills

With the eight Ferraris coming to the Pack adding to the ten already in Project Cars 2, choosing just two is really tough – so I’m just going with those that make my heart pump that much quicker.

The DNA of my first pick? Speed and thrills. And you don’t need to take my word for it. When a certain TV-show anchor – one famed for his tail-out style of driving – tested the Ferrari F12tdf, he declared that it’d scared the you-know-what out of him. Ferrari’s chief test-driver, Raffaele De Simone, meanwhile, was quick to caution Road & Track’s Travis Okulski that, “You need skill to extract the maximum – [the F12tdf] is not easy to drive at the limit, you need to learn it,” before warning Top Gear Magazine that, “You cannot just jump in the F12tdf and go straight to the limit. You have to learn about what it can do.”

You’re wise to heed those warnings because this is one of the most thrilling road-going cars that Maranello has ever conceived, as well as one of the quickest: At Fiorano, the F12tdf is the second-fastest Ferrari road-car in history. It’s also a one-off that is going to thrill you like almost nothing you’ve ever driven before. Even Ferrari’s F1 driver Sebastian Vettel was left stunned: “Its high-speed stability and balance are incredible,” he told Top Gear Magazine. “It’s incredibly fast […] mind-blowing.”

Project Cars 2


My number two choice? Let’s start with the basics: no ABS, no traction control, no power steering, no door-handles (you use a wire), designed by Pininfarina, the F (for Ferrari) 40 (for Ferrari’s 40th anniversary) was built to coincide with Enzo’s 90th birthday.

The Ferrari F40 is basically an exclamation mark that highlights Ferrari’s DNA: all the passion, design, and sporting heritage of Maranello captured in one supercar. This is pure driving exhilaration in a racing-red design, and the final car ever built under the inscrutable gaze of Enzo Ferrari.

Jalopnik called it, “the last gasp of the analogue ’80s turbo era”, but it’s more than that: it’s also the last “true” supercar with no nannies and no aids – just you, a 2.9L turbocharged V8, and the adventure of the road ahead. Epic stuff, as are all eight of the Ferraris that make up the “Ferrari Essentials Pack” for Project Cars 2.


The “Ferrari Essentials Pack” for Project Cats 2 releases tomorrow, 11th September, as part of the Season Pass or standalone purchase.

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