Geeky Gaming Gear Which Only a Lottery Win Allows You to Buy

As much as we, all love gaming, we have to admit to ourselves that there are just some gaming accessories and products, which will probably never be able to afford. However, what if you play lottery with other people and the syndicate wins big? What if you were to suddenly be able to afford any gaming gear that your heart desired? Well if this should happen to you, here are some of the most spectacular and expensive products which you should be aiming your debit card towards.

Samsung 4K Curved TV

First thing is first, you are going to need a bigger TV now that you are dripping in cash, to give yourself the ultimate gaming experience. Why not consider the 105 inch made-to-order Samsung Curved 4K TV then, which will cost you a cool $149,000. The TV is one of the clearest pictures that you are likely to find and a Samsung representative will even come along and make sure that it is properly installed, for maximum gaming pleasure.

Racing Simulator

The VRX Mach 4 Racing Simulator is the perfect toy for those who love to race. The simulator will set you back $25,000 and for that money you will receive no less than 4 Xbox360s, a Microsoft steering wheel, a rear view 7 inch display and 3 x 37 inch 1080p HD LCD screens. As if that was not enough, the simulator comes with a Bose sound system, an automative seat slider that even has a suspension base, lighting effects, a mini fridge and 4 copies of Forza 3, not a bad package!

Wii Supreme

The Nintendo Wiisucceeded in taking the gaming world back to basics and reminded us that bells and whistles can often make games worse, rather than better. What better way to celebrate the impact that the Wii had on the culture then, than to purchase the Wii Supreme, a console, which has been blinged up to the max with 22-carat gold, and a disc loader that is lined with diamonds. In return for your $480,000 of investment, you will take home the sexiest and coolest Nintendo console that you are ever likely to find.

The Emperor Workstation

This gaming simulator is so good, that it could probably replace your exiting apartment and help you to save on a spot of rent each month, not that you will be too bothered about spending twice of course. The futuristic product comes with an integrated PS4, three 19-inch LCD monitors which are synchronized, a webcam, a small LCD touchscreen which you will use as the control center for everything, a leather recliner, a Blue-ray player and wireless headphones, the perfect hideaway for any gamer, and the perfect place to wile away hours upon hours of your time whilst enjoying the world’s best games.

If you won the big one, how would you spend all of that cash?

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