eSports Tournaments bring a lot of excitement and joy for all the fans of gambling online. Participating in such adventure surely is fun but also a great opportunity to win a big amount of real money. Have you wondered what prize funds were the biggest during eSports competitions? The answer may really surprise you.

The biggest prizes

The biggest eSports Tournament is so far The International 2018 which took place in Canada. 18 Teams played in Dota 20, and the prize was bigger than 25 000 000 USD. The most amount of cash was won by just three players from Finland. The second lucky country was China.

The second event – with a prize pool over 24 million USD – is The International 2017. 90 Players were participating in the United States of America. Which countries were the winners these time? Chinese players won over 7 million USD. 2 fans of gambling from Finland got almost 3 million USD during this competition.

Every player knows that placing bets online is a valuable opportunity to win a large quantity of money. However, many people often are not fully aware of how big some of the eSports Tournaments can be. For example, many students are too busy wondering how to write a good history assignment or looking for reliable plagiarism checker to learn all the information about gambling events. Fortunately, here you will find out the most important things about them.

Next places

Third, fourth and fifth place in the ranking is placed by The International 2016, 2015 and 2014. The sixth position is held by League of Legend 2016 World Championship. 16 Teams were fighting over about 5 million USD. The big winner turned out to be the Republic of Korea. Players from China and the United States of America followed in the table results.

There was also other large competition with pretty impressive prize pools, such as Lol 2017 World Championship, The Boston Major 2016 or The Frankfurt Major 2015. Competitors could have won less money than during The International 2018, but at least 3 million USD awards were still highly desirable.

eSports versus Sport

When you think about it for a while, you may notice some similarities between eSports Tournaments and traditional sports events such as the Olympics or Football Championship. The players are professional and very motivated in both cases, and the awards are definitely worth fighting for. When it comes to placing bets, the players make their effort in teams like for instance in football.

Moreover, there are some common parts in the ranking of eSports as well as sports events. The main places are usually held by such countries as China, United States of America or the Republic of Korea. These ones often are also the best in Olympics. The most popular game in gambling competitions was Dota 2, which career we can compare to undeniable career of football in the traditional sports world.

Where to play

Large prize pools encourage everyone to try themselves at betting. Should we go to the tournaments with the best possible award? It may be a good idea. However, some players prefer smaller tournaments. The competition is often less dangerous, and the cash is still even more than satisfying.

Figure out what will work the best in your individual case and give yourself a chance to get some breathtaking cash. Good luck!

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