15 essential multiplayer PS VR games to play locally or online with friends this weekend

Pulling on a PS VR headset can transport you to a multitude of fantastical worlds and amazing adventures. But that doesn’t mean you have to enjoy the immersive qualities of the platform solo. Battle other players online; stand back to back with friends in co-op; or just swap the headset for some high-score-chasing parties.

Below are our recommended multiplayer games to play on PS VR right now.

1. Firewall: Zero Hour

Tactical, tense, tough. Three words to describe First Contact Entertainment’s enthralling online multiplayer shooter. Whether you’re defending or attacking in this 4v4 FPS, park the bullet-frenzy arcade mindset at the door. Talk – and play – strategic. Bring a PS VR Aim controller to complete your immersion infiltrating (or protecting) enclosures.

2. Farpoint

This immersive futuristic shooter has two multiplayer-centric online modes. Buddy up with a sci-fi-loving pal to survive four hostile environments with an increased xenomorph count, or point your PS VR Aim controllers at each other in PvP.

3. Wipeout: Omega Collection

A welcome post-launch addition to the supersonic sci-fi racer was the addition of VR-support across its entire suite of modes… including multiplayer. We recommend the specially-designed cockpit view when enjoying your online anti-grav racing thrills. Glorious.

4. Statik

Good news! You don’t have to escape Statik’s sinister scientific experiments alone. With the PS VR headset on and your hands encased in increasingly complex puzzle boxes, get a friend to join your game via their mobile’s PlayStation App. Each player sees a unique part of the puzzle; manipulating something on one screen will affect the other. Communicate effectively to work out a solution!

5. The Playroom VR

This free, fun mini-game collection packs in six slices of cooperative and competitive action for a couch-full of players to enjoy. Potentially the biggest battle though will be deciding who gets the Dualshock 4 controller and who gets to don the PS VR headset.

6. RIGS: Mechanized Combat League

Suit up for team-based multiplayer matches in the online arena! Lovers of mech suits can leap, charge and tackle other pilots in this strategic, futuristic sport as both sides battle for the win by scoring the most goals.

7. Starblood Arena

If you’d prefer to disengage yourself from gravity entirely during your multiplayer battles, pick a ship and start blasting in this colourful shooter. There are character types to suit all tastes and AI-only modes to safely earn your piloting stripes before heading into the online arenas.

  • Buy Starblood Arena on PlayStation Store now

8. Star Trek: Bridge Crew

In this fascinating adaptation of the much-loved sci-fi franchise, pick one of four essential roles aboard the bridge of a Federation ship and go online to meet the rest of your four-strong crew. You’ll need to collaborate on every decision to navigate the threat-filled vastness of deep space.

9. Eagle Flight

Battle up to five other players online for aerial supremacy in this beautiful and wholly unique racer. Play an eagle as you soar above iconic Paris landmarks and dive through the city’s now-overgrown streets for a heart-racing yet serene experience.

10. Battlezone

Battlezone creatively fulfills two wishes for the price of one: commanding a tank battalion and exploring a Tron-like environment. Grab three friends online and start punching tank shell-shaped holes in waves of enemies as you pilot armoured death-dealers.

11. Headmaster

It’s one PS VR headset, six player party time with the ball-heading, score-chasing mini-game bonanza. Take turns slipping on the headset and attempting to best each other’s leaderboard positions across eight increasingly bizarre challenges.

12. Tumble VR

You’ll need steady hands, quick reflexes and a swear jar ready for the two-player competitiveness that ensues in this object-stacking puzzler. The PS VR headset wearer tries to build their multi-part creation as high as possible, the other uses the TV screen to drop traps that’ll delay or wreck their competitor’s work.

13. Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes

Test your powers of communication as you try and defuse a series of increasingly complex bombs. Tense? Yes. Fun? Definitely. The PS VR wearer can see and interact with the bomb. The other player(s) need to flick through an on-screen bomb defusal manual to find the right instructions that’ll avoid ending the round in a premature explosion.

14. Werewolves Within

Be prepared to stress-test your friendships in this clever party game from Ubisoft. The premise is simple – a group of players sit in a circle in a virtual space and have to figure out which member of the group is secretly a werewolf. Each player has a different role and set of skills to use – so you’ll need to exercise some effective teamwork to unmask the monster before time runs out.

15. Rec Room

Part social space, part party game, Rec Room VR is a wildly enjoyable, not to mention eccentric, multiplayer experience for PS VR. Log in to the titular rec room, hang out with friends, take part in all manner of mini-games from paintball to table tennis, or team up to attempt tricky ‘Quests’.

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