The Most Common Misconceptions About the Starburst Online Slot Machine

Slot machines are easily the most popular gambling games in online and land-based casinos. And for some obscure reasons, they are also the betting games that seem to have by far the most misconceptions connected to them. Perhaps it’s because many people don’t understand how slots work. Or is it because many ‘self-proclaimed gurus’ of spinning the reels have tried making fast cash by selling “winning systems”? Well, one thing for sure is that lots of players, especially beginners never want to accept the fact that slot machines are games of pure luck. While there could be ways that may help you make the most of your spinning sessions, to win big, Lady Luck plays a huge role in earning you the much-coveted jackpot payouts. Since most of us don’t want to accept that, we end up attaching all kinds of fallacies to them based on what rumours we’ve heard here and there.

Among all the reels you can spin online, Starburst is one of the titles that is usually flocked by loads of misconceptions. It’s no surprise that many of the gamers who spread these myths don’t even bother trying the free starburst online slot game version to understand the paytable before switching to real money gaming. So, to help you evade getting into the trap of holding on to these misconceptions as the gospel truth, we’ll take you through some of the most common myths and discuss the reality of things. Buckle up for an interesting read!  

  1. Misconception: Starburst online slot game is set by the casino to ensure that the house always wins.

Reality: The Starburst slot machine has a house edge just like any other online casino game. This doesn’t imply that they’re fixed.

You must know that the odds are always against you when you play the Starburst online slot, and the same is true irrespective of the online casino game you choose to play. All online casino games have a house edge, that’s a simple fact because after all, they are running a business. The odds being slightly in favour of the online casino is the only way they can make money hence there is no need for them fixing any of their games.

However much you search, you won’t find any gambling game that has an RTP of 100% because in that case, it means the house won’t make any profits whatsoever. All the same, this doesn’t imply you’re always going to lose. No! Online slot machines are completely fair and random thanks to Random Number Generators. So, with a bit of luck, you always have a chance of winning. In reality, it’s worth noting, that the normal payout rate of online slot machines is higher across the board than that of land-based slot machines because of the cost of operations.      

  1. Misconception: Clicking the spin button every time pays more than using the autoplay feature.

Reality: How you spin the reels doesn’t affect the payout rate of the Starburst online slot.

This delusion is basically similar to the one that has to do with land-based slots where certain people believe pulling the lever has a better winning chance than pushing the button. That’s not true! The Random Number Generators used by online casinos have no means of uncovering how the reels were spun. And even if they could, there would utterly be no advantage to anybody to make it better or worse when using the autoplay feature.    

  1. Misconception: Playing the Starburst online slot machine with a bonus lessens your chance of winning cash.

Reality: The RNGs, Random Number Generators have no means of knowing whether you’re gaming with a bonus.

Just as the Random Number Generators can’t determine how the reels were spun, they have no means of determining whether a gamer is wagering bonus cash or real money. Irrespective of whether the gamer is using bonus funds or real money the payout rate of Starburst online slot will always remain the same. That’s it, your wins or losses have nothing to do with the funds that you are spending.


  • Misconception: There is nothing you can do to better your winning chances when playing the Starburst online slot machine.


Reality: There are a few measures you can take better you winning chance or minimise your losses when playing online slot machines.

At this point, in one way or another, it’s easy to think that the message is self-contradicting because we’ve already established above that the Starburst’s slot outcome is completely random. Nevertheless, while it’s true there is nothing you can do to whatsoever to influence the result of any given spin of the Starburst slot, there a couple of things you can do to better your overall odds of winning when you start spinning the reels.  

To help you understand what we’re talking about here; you should remember that not all online slots have the same payout rate. The games can have a payout rate ranging from high as 99% and as low as 85%. Irrespective of the payout rate, you always have an opportunity of winning. However, the greater the rate, the higher your overall yield is likely to be in the end. With Starburst having an RTP of 96.1%, you already have an above average chance of landing on a win. Next, study the paytable to see the best symbol combinations you should be after.  

Parting Shot

While we’ve covered only four of the most prevalent myths about the Starburst slot and spinning online reels in general, an astonishing number of misconceptions can be found on the internet. These are usually published by people who don’t have proper information about the games, or guys who only have an interest in making fast cash off the suckers.

Therefore, you should never be discouraged by such absurd online slot misconceptions on the internet. Understanding how the online slot machine actually works is the very first step in dispelling those misconceptions and becoming a skilled gamer.  You’ll be way ahead of most of the so-called online slots specialists on the internet. Don’t you agree?

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