It’s time someone made a good Doctor Who game again

“Doctor Who” is a series of short length narrative adventure games based on the famous TV series “Doctor Who” that was telecasted on BBC. The game was developed by the British Gaming Studio, Sumo Digital. All episodes were freely available for the residents of the United Kingdom on the BBC’s official – Doctor Who website.

For the past 30 years, developers of the game were trying to make a good Doctor Who video game but failing miserably. The reasons were not limited to the technology limitations, design aspects, licensing clashes but also terrible decision-making that have turned their hard-work into comedy of errors.  While today you might want to spend your weekends lazing around and playing with a BGO promo code, we are sure you would want to see a great Doctor Who movie again!

Will you get to watch one?

If you are lucky, you might get to watch one in the next few years!

For one, some of the recent developments suggest that a great Doctor Who game might be on the horizon. Since 1983, there were many attempts on the Doctor Who video games starting from “Doctor Who: The First Adventure” which was similar to the Pac-Man game in some respects was an utter failure.

Later, exactly two years after that, the BBC came out with another game in the series, “Doctor Who and the Warlord”, similar to the  Scott Adams series and the Zork. BBC’s next swoop on the game series was “Doctor Who and the Mines of Terror”. Thankfully, the BBC licensed the franchise to a legitimate game developer this time.Later in 1992, in the era of Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis, it released a game for the PCs and that was another setback.

However, the games that were released in the 20th century were much better than their previous ones. They came up with the Doctor Who games which were worth playing. They were very satisfying for the new gamers as well as the lovers of the Doctor Who Games. They were relatively short, but perfect with great production and amazing graphics and solid game play with realistic storylines.

But this spree was short-lived with the entry of “The Eternity Clock”which was released for PCs and PS3. It seemed to be developed in rush and the developers published it without the necessary testing and quality check. This game gave a harsh blow to the plan to make a series of full-length games and BBC scrapped its plans on further releases.

The BBC failed to deliver the gamers a Doctor Who game with the same level of depth as that of the GTA or Fallout. However, the recent rumours (no official announcement) indicate that it appears like the first worthwhile Doctor Who game, is about to hit the market in the near future.

Would the next Doctor Who movie be made right? Who do you want to see as the lead role? Let us know in the comments below!

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