Helldivers deploys powerful new weapons and fearsome foes in Liberty Day update


Dust off those celebratory capes, Divers! To commemorate Liberty Day 2018, Super Earth Command is giving you what you want: more Freedom. More Democracy. MORE LIBERTY.

We’ve decided that the alien threat is once again too great to ignore, so what better way to spend Liberty Day than dishing out another hot dose of justice? You’ll need to keep sharp, the alien scumbags have been preparing for this day for a long time making them more dangerous than ever before.

Are you ready to dive into A New Hell?

New difficulties

Just when you thought you had mastered the art of Helldiving, we’ve gone and added more planet difficulties. Now you have An Exercise in Futility (lvl13), where you learn The Definition of Insanity (lvl14), preparing you for the Inner Circle of Hell (lvl15). Veterans, dust off those capes, you’ve got work to do!


Tougher enemies

The alien scumbags have been preparing to strike for months now. Gathering Super Earth intelligence, they’ve adjusted their tactics to become a more formidable enemy. It’ll take the full power of Super Earth’s arsenal to stop them.

  • Shadow: Believed to be an evolution of the Stalker, these hunters have greater regenerative capabilities but the same weak armour as their predecessor. It also retains the same camouflage ability, but has evolved a way of releasing the spores capable of luring other bugs to its position.
  • Obsidian Observer: The Obsidian Observer is believed to be a weaponized version of the Watcher. With nanotechnology weaponized and added to their scout units they have crossed a delicate line and showing that they have no problems using their detestable weaponry on a larger scale.
  • Legionnaire: The Legionnaire is an up-armoured ‘Squad leader’ soldier taking a page from the Hulk book and protecting itself with a heavy shield. While nothing that can’t be handled by anti tank weapons, the Legionnaire is an increased threat to liberty and democracy.


New stratagem

Super Earth Command has issued new equipment for all Helldivers, once they have the appropriate clearance.

  • MGX-42 Machinegun: The MGX-42 is a magazineless, one-use, disposable machinegun designed to be discarded after having fired its ammunition. The 300 rounds of caseless ammunition are stacked in the multiple barrels and fired electronically making the weapon almost void of mechanical parts and cheap to manufacture.


Finally, to round the day off we have some Liberty Day competitions. Do you want to get your hands on some Helldivers goodies or have the chance at winning a RL Helldivers cape? Read the Liberty Day blog post for full details on what you need to do and how to enter.

Good luck soldiers, and welcome to A New Hell!

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