Eliosi’s Hunt Review

An alien world and a budding bounty hunter. Eliosi’s Hunt balances the thrill of platform adventure with merciless top-down shooting action.

You play as Eliosi, a young Zelicyan, much smaller than the other hulking bounty hunters by comparison. Yet that doesn’t stop you from hunting down ferocious monsters across five different levels.

With its platforming element, Eliosi’s Hunt is reminiscent of the classics, like Crash Bandicoot – one wrong move can have you plummeting into the void. Thankfully, Eliosi can do more than just jump. With a useful dash function alongside various in-game pickups such as jetpacks and double-jumps, Eliosi traverses his environment with ease – if you can control him. The game applauds speed, and in fact gives you the option to destroy checkpoints to become even faster. Sounds fun? Wait until you die.

The combat function works well: just point your controller stick/mouse in the direction of your target and shoot. However, Eliosi’s accuracy isn’t always the best, and it’s easy to make a mistake when there’s multiple enemies charging towards you. You’ll be back at that previous checkpoint in no time (oh no wait, you destroyed it. Are you sorry now?)

Eliosi’s enemies range from bizarre wildlife to more-civilised gun-wielding aliens. Creatures often dash toward you, whether it be by ground or by air. (Here’s a tip – you can shoot as often as you can pull the trigger. This will save your life.) You’ll also encounter tree roots that disrupt your platforming and test your skills in timing your dashes and jumps.

The game becomes more difficult when the enemies shoot back. At times, the game can feel unbeatable (how are you supposed to fight all of those gunners when you’re outnumbered, outgunned, and running on one block of health?)

And speaking of health – this is perhaps the most frustrating part of the game. Throughout each level, there are containers you can destroy to replenish your health, but often you’ll find yourself respawning with one block of health, being hit immediately and ending up where you were just moments ago.

This can become particularly tricky in moments requiring both your platforming and TDS skills. With little room to dodge at times, you may feel as if you’re walking into the same death trap situation again and again (think of that scene from Doctor Strange).

To clarify – yes, this game is difficult. If you’re not looking for a challenge, then don’t get this game.

Graphics-wise, Eliosi’s Hunt looks great. Each environment feels immersive and believable, and the art style throughout ties Eliosi’s world together. Combined with upbeat music, you’ll be desperate to speed through each level as fast as you can.

There’s a definite retro feel to the game. Perhaps from its simple mechanics, timeless art style, or die-and-retry system. If you miss arcade classics, love repeatedly dying and are looking for a real challenge, then Eliosi’s Hunt should definitely be on your wish list.

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