Plan a fun family night in with these 6 new PlayLink games, out on PS4 today

We understand. A downpour has dashing the hope of a day out and you need an alternative plan. Or you’re struggling to find an activity the whole family can enjoy. Maybe you’re just wanting to make the best out of an unavoidable get-together. Regardless of the specifics, planning a fun family evening in can be tricky.

Well, it was, until now: PlayLink has the perfect reason to bring siblings and parents together in the living room. 6 reasons, in fact!

Because today marks launch of a wave of all-new PlayLink games for your PS4, ranging from new takes on board game classics to quiz shows.

As with other games on the range, focus is on multiplayer fun, all controlled through a free companion app for your smartphone or tablet (find out how here). This not only means these games are easily played by eben the most infrequent gamers in the household, but they also keep those family members usually glued to their mobiles in the game.

Below are our suggestions for what game best fits your particular tastes, along with creators of the new PlayLink games detailing why their games are perfect for a family night in.

Looking for a board game? Play Ticket To Ride

Number of players: 2 – 4

“Place train cars on a digital map to create your own railroad network, while watching out for other players attempting to derail your strategy! Ticket to Ride is a board game that’s easy to play for the whole family, but offers massive tactical depth.”

– Eric Brayet, Head of R&D, Asmodee Digital

Want a quiz show? Play Knowledge is Power: Decades

Number of players: 2 – 6

“Knowledge is Power: Decades has 40 years of trivia, pop-culture from the 1980s to 2018, and has been designed from the start to appeal to all ages of families and friends playing together. Our Power Plays are designed specifically to level the trivia playing-field, are all pick-up and play, and usable by anyone on their own phone or tablet. We made sure you get questions that are interesting, fun and powerful, regardless of your age or quizzing experience.”

– Dan Croucher, Development Director, Wish Studios

Love a word puzzle? Play Wordhunters

Number of players: 2- 6

“Wordhunters is a sneakily competitive party word game that also gives your brain a bit of a workout! A total of fifteen 6-player minigames with different skill levels provides something all the family can enjoy together.”

– Simon Smith, Game Director, thumbfood

Enjoy a card game? Play Just Deal With It

Number of players: 2 – 10

“Playing cards has always been a go-to for a fun family night in, and Just Deal With It! delivers a card game party in spades: Poker, Blackjack, Crazy Eights, Rummy and Hearts…and thanks to our ‘how to play’ guides, newcomers have it easy and you avoid family disputes on what’s the winning hand!”

– Steve Bennett, Creative Director

Hilarious mini-games your thing? Play Chimparty

Number of players: 2- 4

“Chimparty is designed with the whole family in mind, using one big button on your smartphone. The game has 90 mini-games that share features, making it quick to learn, easy to remember and fun from the get-go.”

– Lau Korsgaard, Creative Director, NapNok Games

Prefer team-work to competition? Play Melbits World

Number of players: 2 – 4

“Melbits is the ultimate couch co-op game for PlayStation families, with Melbits we are introducing a surprising but extremely easy to control gameplay in which kids, novice players, hardcore gamers and even your grandparents can have fun when playing!. Melbits is a group problem solving puzzle game but with an arcade twist to it that everyone can enjoy …you know, because victory among many feels better!.”

– Ivan Exposito, Studio Head

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