Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Guide at Getting Good

How does one get good enough at CS: GO in order to maybe play on the eSports stage? Well, there are two main ways – you have to take both – in order to become a better player, namely, playing the game until your hands get numb and start placing some bets – we’ll soon see why both are extremely important when you wish to play better.

Of course, your hands don’t need to get numb as physical and mental health come before anything else – it doesn’t matter that you love the game with all your heart, you should always take care of yourself.

Therefore, let’s begin our guide and help you get better at CS: GO!

Playing the Game Properly

Before playing the game at a higher level – as in a higher ranking – you should make sure that your rig has at least the recommended hardware for this game. There’s one unspoken rule of competitive games such as CS: GO – if your game stutters or lags, then you won’t be able to get better.

An enemy encounter in CS: GO can end in less than 1 second – who sees their enemy first shoots and kills, and if your game/ PC decides to stutter at that moment, then you don’t stand a single chance.


When it comes to training, you have to cover every single aspect of the game in order to get to play better. This includes all of the basic things about CS: GO as well as the strategies and playstyles that the professional players have.

Of course, you must play the game for a long time, but you also have to do some research on the side – the best thing you can do is to watch the professionals play in tournaments and analyze their movements.

Moreover, you have to know each weapon in-game behaves – things such as damage, recoil, accuracy, the rate of fire should be known without looking for them online. Basically, you must know how many bullets you need to fire with a certain weapon before the enemy goes down.

Tactics and Strategy

In terms of tactics and strategy, we don’t mean large-scale strategies that take place within an entire match – we mean those little things you sometimes have to do in order to secure a safe spot on the map.

For example, take your time and learn to peek, prefire, bait your enemies in a trap, clutch, and – most important – play as a team no matter the strategy you employ. You might be a solo-player that likes to roam alone on the map, but every member of the team must be in complete synergy.


You’d think that betting can’t help you play better – however, it does! Before placing a bet on, you’ll have to do a lot of research in terms of teams, players, and such – most of this type of information can be found on our platform.

Therefore, you’ll learn more things about the game. Moreover, betting comes in the form of a high-risk high-reward type of game. Before placing a bet, you know that, if you lose it, your money is gone – therefore, you will certainly take some extra time playing the game and properly doing your research before placing your bet.

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