Multiplayer party brawler Big Crown: Showdown rumbles onto PS4 next month

Hi everyone, Rob here, Creative Director at Hyper Luminal Games. We’re a wee studio from sunny Scotland and for the past two years we’ve been working on our first original IP, Big Crown: Showdown!

It’s a frantic local & online four-player party brawler that we think will be fantastic fun with friends and family this Christmas, so we’re absolutely thrilled to announce that the game smashes its way onto PS4 via PlayStation Store on 14th December – and we can’t wait to play with you all!

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Big Crown: Showdown? That sounds like the best thing ever!” and you’d be right. But in case you’re still not sure, I’m here to give you the lowdown on Big Crown: Showdown!

Couch-competitive combat

Big Crown: Showdown

Big Crown: Showdown is a fast and frantic genre mash-up! We’ve taken the precision jumping of classic platformers and mixed it up with the chaotic combat of party-brawlers, to bring you a brand-new multiplayer extravaganza that can be played both online and on the couch!

Navigate crazy assault courses, dodge swinging axes, trap doors and more, all while attempting to smack your opponents off the track. Whip out your shield to block pesky punches or charge up your fist for a fiery super punch! You’ll be on the edge of your seat trying to win that Crown!

Pick up and play

Big Crown: Showdown

Big Crown: Showdown is designed to be the ultimate party game, so we’ve made the gameplay easy to learn: just grab a controller and you’ll be playing in no time!

But don’t worry. Every level has a unique mechanic so there’s plenty for players to master as they learn the ins-and-outs of every course. Trip a sneaky trap door, or set-up a breakable platform and laugh in your friends face as they fall to their doom!

Stylish headwear

Big Crown: Showdown

But who cares about compelling gameplay when you can’t customise your character with stupid hats? Thankfully Big Crown: Showdown has a weird and wonderful wardrobe to kit your character out!

Want to wear a squid on your head? Don’t we all! Then keep your eye out for shiny chests hidden across every level. Smash them open and grab the sweet gold inside! Spend that gold, buy that merch and you’ll be smacking your opponents with style!

A tale for the ages

The Fop-doodles of Kasseltoon cower in fear as a new King reigns! The Great Wizard Fonkin has stolen the Crown and laid a challenge for anyone foolish enough to try and claim it back. It’s time for our ham-fisted heroes, the Grumblegard to rise to the occasion, beat the Showdown and show that no-good wizard who’s boss! But only one winner can wear the Big Crown. Who’s it going to be?

Big Crown: Showdown

Well, that’s Big Crown: Showdown in a nutshell. If that hasn’t convinced you to join in the brawl, then I don’t know what will!

Be sure to follow Hyper Luminal Games, Sold Out and @BigCrownGame on Twitter for all your Big Crown updates, and rule the couch with Big Crown: Showdown when it hits PlayStation Store on 14th December!

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