Play as Guacamelee! 2’s bosses & trainers in two new DLC packs, coming to PS4 soon

Hi everyone! It’s been a few months since the launch of Guacamelee! 2, and we’re super-honoured by the critical reception and the support from our fans. We haven’t just been kicking back and frantically refreshing review sites though – we’ve been busy since August, and today we’re finally ready to show off some fun extras that are coming out very soon!

The ‘Three Enemigos’ character pack

Starting tomorrow, you can purchase this character pack to play Guacamelee! 2 as three of the game’s beloved bosses – El Muñeco, Uay Pek or Jaguar Javier. Each new character skin has unique gameplay pluses and minuses to change up your playthrough, as well as associated Trophies you can earn.

And launching on 7th December, we have something even bigger:

‘The Proving Grounds’ challenge level

This new DLC pack introduces a new challenge level, The Proving Grounds – a floating temple and home to the god Tiempochtli, where luchadores have gone since the beginning of time to sharpen their skills.

Your five lucha trainers team up to guide you through a series of challenges, and each trainer is ready to award you with a character skin that lets you play the game as that trainer.

Like the Enemigos, their costumes have unique gameplay attributes suited to the trainer’s specialty. Flame Face does higher and higher damage the greater your combo grows; Uay Coco’s magic lets him execute many special moves, but his body is extra-vulnerable to damage (and he makes for a pretty adorable ‘chicken’).

We set our designers loose to fill the level with 15 ridiculously fun challenges that push the limits of Juan’s capabilities in new ways.

Once you’ve mastered them and earned gold medals across the board, you’ll meet Tiempochtli and receive one final (secret) character skin reward.

We can’t wait to hear what you think of it! Please feel free to ask any questions you have in the comments below, and we will try to answer them the best we can.

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