Sports Betting will Soon be Legal across the US

Europeans and the British are used to betting on sports legally.  Americans are used to betting on sports mostly illegally.  This is about to change in a very big way as the United States Supreme Court recently struck down a 26 year old law that made sports betting illegal in all but four states.  Some states will still disallow sports betting but most states will opt to allow it, regulate it, and reap the tax windfall that is sure to come.

The states that choose to allow sports betting will have to decide if they want sports betting to go through land based casinos only or also through online casinos.  At this stage, we get into a discussion about what type of online casino is best for a new player.  For new sports bettors, a no deposit online casino is clearly best because you get to learn all about the casino’s sports betting services without investing any money at all. For Free Sports Betting Tips and Match Previews why not visit our friends at OmegaTipsters.

Four Top American Sports

In this short piece, we want to go over a few important facts about the four primary American team sports.  Europeans also know something about basketball but the NBA game is worlds apart from the European basketball game.  Americans use the term “football” to refer to a violent head crunching game they love to watch and to bet on.  Our football is much more civilized Zinadine Zidane notwithstanding.  Hockey is played in many European countries and the best European players end up in the NHL.  Finally, outside of the US, and a few Latin American countries, and a couple of East Asian countries, the world is clueless about baseball.

College Sports

All of the above games are played at the college level in the US.  College sports are big business in the US.  We advise you to never place a bet on a college team sport.  The reason is that the players on college teams are 18-22 years old, they have had very little life experience, and they are wildly inconsistent in their athletic performance.  In sports betting, it’s always bets to rely on professionals and experienced players.

NBA Basketball

The best teams in the NBA win at least 70% of their games.  They are especially difficult to beat at home.  They are even more difficult to beat when they have rested for a day and are playing a team that played the previous night and has travelled.  NBA teams travel a lot and often cross time zones, which can upset a player’s equilibrium.

The best bet is a straight win or lose bet.  You can usually get a very good game to bet on by following the above points.  The odds you’ll get are very low but the chance that you’ll lose such a bet is also very low.  The bookmakers make money by attracting bettors who want to bet on the underdog with the big odds.

You will be offered a bet on total point count.  This bet is best when you can expect a 20-30 point spread between the teams.  When the mismatch is so great each team will play its lesser players for many minutes.  This is called garbage time.  When garbage time starts many minutes from the end of the game, the scores are ratcheted up quickly.  On the other hand, a team that plays slowly and plays excellent defence will keep scores down.

NBA players are the biggest, strongest, fastest, and most skilled basketball players in the world.


The best US football teams also win a massive majority of their games.  The skilled offensive players, as in basketball, touch the ball on almost every play.  That gives the best offensive teams many more chances to score than in the version of football we call “the beautiful game”.

Look for a mismatch between a top offensive team and a poor defensive team.  In this case, betting on the point spread is best.  You don’t have to know much about American football.  You only need to know if there is a profound mismatch on either offence or defence in the game.  Home field advantage is minimal in American football.

You will also be offered a cumulative point bet.  This is good only when both teams have better than average offenses and worse than average defenses.


Hockey is by far the fastest team game in the world.  It has immense beauty and immense violence.  Europeans are very familiar with high level hockey and the NHL presents the highest level of hockey in the world.

The only safe bet in hockey is a straight win or lose bet.  The accumulated point bet, called over-under is a very bad bet in hockey as it is in our version of football because scoring is relatively low in hockey.  Home ice is a small advantage but not nearly as big as in the NBA.  A powerful offence will usually find a way to win even a hard fought defensive game.

Also look for a goalkeeper who is playing especially well.  The goalkeeper is the last line of defence and often is the single most decisive factor in the outcome of a game.


Europeans will never learn the vast array of nuances in baseball.  The best teams in baseball win only about 55-60% of their games.  Defence and pitching are more important in baseball than offence but offence is also extremely important.

The best way to bet on baseball, as with the other sports, is to look for a mismatch between a pitcher who has played well recently and a team that is struggling on offence.  The top pitcher will hold the opponent with few if any runs for about two thirds of the game.  The other pitchers will finish and if the offence has scored just a few runs, the team will win.

Baseball teams play almost every day.  A team that has played for two weeks in a row is at a disadvantage against a team that has had even one day off.  Teams usually play three or four games in a city so there is little fatigue from travel except in the first game in a new city if the team has flown across time zones.

A Final Word

American professional athletes make a lot of money.  We have not seen any correlation between salaries and performance at all.  Look for mismatches and you’ll end up winning more often than not.

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