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Wondershot, a game developed by Leikir Studios, is essentially a multiplayer which centres around having perfect aim. You have one life and one shot, so you have to make it count. You go through each round, whilst new maps form around you and a new type of weapon appears, making you switch up your style. There is not a massive variety of weapons, but they all have their draw. You can have the bow and arrow, the boomerang, the hammer and the slingshot, which all require you to adjust how you play. There is also a small variety of special abilities included, such as phantom, which allows you to walk through walls, and slowmotion.

If multiplayer is not your thing, there is also a Co-op mode, allowing you to choose between playing in single player or multiplayer modes. The game is high paced, especially if you play it with three other people in an arena. It is a good game for training your nerves; if you are the kind of person who fluffs a headshot at the last second, because you are nervous about whether or not you will hit them, this game can help you as you can only have one shot.

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Whilst I say one shot, I should define that your weapon appears somewhere else on the map if you miss a shot, and you have to retrieve it without dying. Believe me, this is very difficult to do if you are playing against friends that never seem to mess up their shots and love nothing more than watching you dive for ammo before killing you last second.

The maps are also slightly interactive, allowing you to bounce your ammo off objects to line up the sort of shot that would have you singing ‘We Are The Champions’ if this was mini golf on your holiday at Butlins. This is a game that would also have you profusely shouting excuses such as ‘it was the lag!’ even though you and your mates are playing local and you just happened to move the analogue stick a bit too far in your excitement. It just depends on the sort of day you are having and how well you do under pressure.

Adventure mode is where all the single player challenges await you, where you have to hit a certain amount of targets in a time frame. To keep things interesting, once you complete the challenge, you are shown a screen which tells you where you are on the leader-board, how close you are to the person ranked above you and what score the creators of the game got.

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Wondershot is nice to look at, the background is mostly made up of appealing but muted colours, to help make sure you are not distracted from the action. Some of the maps are beautifully made, really thought out to make sure you get the maximum enjoyment out of them. It runs smoothly, with no sudden buffers or anything similar. The music is lively, adding to the fast paced atmosphere you appreciate with this game.

However, I will say that despite how fun the game is to play with others, playing by yourself just does not have the same atmospheric feel. This game is one of those that was made for playing multiplayer with your pals, not for playing on your lonesome. If you can manage to wrangle up a couple of buddies who have controllers and will swing by your place, I say go for it. But if not, I would not bother. The multiplayer is the focus of this game, everything else is essentially just additional content.

Whilst the adventure mode is fun, after a couple of times, you will simply just long for battle mode instead. Find some friends to cash in on the fun with and you will truly appreciate what this game has to offer.

Rating 7

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