Steep and Portal Knights are your PlayStation Plus games for January

Happy holidays, folks – we hope you’re all having a great break and enjoying some well-earned, seasonally-sanctioned down time.

With 2019 galloping over the horizon, it’s time to look at what the new year has in store – and where better to start than with PS Plus? Let’s dive into January’s line-up, available to download from 1st January.


Tear your way across the soft white powder of some of the world’s most breath-taking mountain ranges on skis, snowboards, wing suits or paragliders in Ubisoft’s open-world, winter-sports sandbox.

Figure out the fastest way down sheer slopes and snow-capped peaks, record your runs and then share them with players around the world – including your friends – and challenge them to go one better.

Everything you do can be shared with the Steep community – from trailblazing time trails to your biggest wipe-outs. A newly added photo mode, PVP challenges (with full-contact collisions) and a brand-new Alaskan location mean that there’s more to do than ever.

Portal Knights

Keeping firmly with the theme of unique, open-world sandboxes, we come to our second big title of the month.

Portal Knights mixes time-honoured RPG mechanics with large, procedurally-generated environments and clever co-operative play to deliver a stylish action-driven adventure with big bosses to face-down, loot to collect and, yes, heaps of opportunities to get creative.

Departing with more traditional RPGs, Portal Knights proffers the possibility of reshaping the world as you see fit: build vast structures to call your own, plant some veggies or dig deep into the earth to mine for rare materials.

Anything else?

As with previous months, we’ll be adding two games each for both PS3 and PS Vita, leaving the final line-up looking like this:

All the above will be available to download on New Year’s Day – Tuesday 1st January. Until then, you’ve got what remains of 2018 to pick up December’s line-up. Quick reminder on those:

And that’s it – we’ll be back next year to lift the lid on February’s games. In the meantime, let us know how you get on with this January’s titles over on Twitter and Facebook.

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