The Favourite Social Media Content for Sports Fans

It is no secret that sports fans are very active on different social media platforms. One of the unwritten rules of being a loyal sports fan is to follow your favorite club’s and athletes’ social media profiles.

Both sports clubs and famous athletes seem to like this attention and feel comfortable sharing all kind of content with loyal followers. Some of this content is sports-related, whereas some of it is a part of their personal lives.

To get a better understanding of what kind of content sports fans enjoy seeing the most, we can take a look at the data and infographic below compiled by BettingSites.

According to the infographic, sports fans follow their heroes’ social media profiles mainly because of sports-related content. The largest majority of sports content on social media is made of short match clips, followed by pre-match footage, interviews, and training ground footage. Nonetheless, some of the most viral content of all time had nothing to do with sports.

For example, the video clip Messi uploaded of his son making his first steps raked up 12 million likes in a very short time. It seems like fans are not there to support athletes just on the field, but personally as well.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the absolute star when it comes to likable content – both personal and sports-related. For instance, the photo of him kissing the trophy after Portugal’s win at EURO 2016, ended up being liked 3.6 million times.

To put things into perspective and emphasize Ronaldo’s power and influence on the internet, we can compare it to a similar photo posted by Rodriguez. Namely, he posted a photo of himself with the 2016 UEFA Champions League trophy in the locker room, which managed to collect “only” 970,000 likes.

The success of social media services is not important just for the fame. Take a look at the infographic below to find out more about this and other influences of social media services on sports.

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