The Latest Gaming Hardware on PC

Are you a fan of gaming? You could love playing online games, bet on your favourite sports matches with matchbook offers or play some hardcore action games on your PC. However, if you are looking to get the true gaming experience, you need to have access to the right gaming PC – and it’s not as simple as it sounds.

Gaming is gaining prominence the world over. And rightly so! What even is better than spending your time playing games and bonding with your buddies (and making new ones) other than video games? And with a host of video games to be released this year, it is only but likely that you are looking for the best hardware that will be suitable for gaming on your PC.

The Top Tips to Help Make the Right Gaming PC

While you may want to make your own gaming PCs, there are a few good prebuilt options, and we have a few suggestions for you right here!

  1. Cyberpower’s Game Xtreme:

This one is of fantastic value for your money. With Intel Core i5-8400 and 8GB of DDR4 RAM amongst other specs, you would actually be shelling out more if you were to build it yourself Plus, it is easy to upgrade. And it is excellent for Virtual reality? Need us to nudge you further? We think not.

  1. Corsair One:

This one is compact and extremely easy to use. It has a 32GB DD4 RAM as well as a 980 M.2 SSD. It is incredibly futuristic in its design and build and is bound to last you for a really long time. In fact, none of its competitors are even anywhere close to it. And it can be customized as per your requirements. Its only drawback is how high it is priced at.

  1. HP Omen Obelisk:

When it comes to sound quality hardware, you have to trust HP. This one includes an 8th generation Core i7-8700 along with RTX 2080, it is excellent for rendering graphics. Also, the best part about this model when compared to others is that in spite of the great specs it provides, it is priced very reasonably at a little under $2000. Plus, the fact that it is slim and compact is another bonus.

  1. Dell XPS Tower Special Edition:

Again, another trusted name when it comes to suitable hardware, Dell’s XPS Tower Special Edition, although prebuilt, can be reconfigured to suit your gaming needs. It is highly customizable qualities are one of its strongest points. Plus, it also includes the ability to play games in virtual reality. The fact that its cheapest variant comes for just $949.99 is definitely a cause for celebration. It has a Core i5-8400 and a GTX 1050 ti which although might not be the best you have seen, is actually quite a steal at the level the hardware is priced at. And if Fortnite and PUBG are what you are looking at playing, look no further than this one.

Well, now that you have your hardware queries and doubts all sorted, it is time to get your head back into the game and be the champion again.

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