How to get free items in game?

Microtransaction is spending real money in a digital game. Rising popularity made that a lot of people start to look and it, even regulate it (case of Belgium). From one side we have players, who like to spend their money and check rewards they can get, on the other are people who see serious threaten with gambling. Their argument is fact, that people are spending money and don’t have an influence on a reward. On the same rule is working roulette wheel. Check what you should know about internet rewarding system in games.

  • The most popular reward systems are chests in Counter Strike. A lot of people are opening crates all the time.
  • You can find a market for selling and buying crates and keys to them. For some people, this is a way of earning money.
  • You can earn gifts, keys, and chests without spending money. All you need is to check your options and find the best one.

Real money transactions in-game are now widely discussed topic. Since their presence in games is rising, more people are interested in this topic. We can see two different sides. One of them are gamers, who see a lot of shortcuts. Spending money can reduce the time which they need to spend on getting items. Microtransactions can be divided into two sections. One of them is buying an item for the money. This is not a subject of discussion. The whole argument considers buying keys and chests. Depend on a game, cases can give a lot of different stuff. You can get weapons, skins and other stuff. Let’s be honest, most gamers count on rare items, which can be gotten from cases. Opponents of crates in game compare it to gamble. According to their argumentation, lack of influence on reward is similar to a roulette wheel. You are buying a key, chest and try your luck. In Belgium, this system is already forbidden, which shows us how important and problematic it might be. Furthermore, some gamers use chest systems as a source of income. Getting chests, keys and selling them is very popular on marketplaces. This might cause addiction, which will be very similar to gambling addiction. On the other hand, you can use services, which will let you get keys, skins, weapons or other in game items, without spending your real money. You have to make a research and find a solution which will fit you. One of them is gamehag. It allows playing games, completing tasks and getting rewards. Later you can exchange them for an item you like in variety games. You can even use it to get Stem account top-up. Earn gift cards by playing games with

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