All About The Sims 2 Video Game

Over the years, software developers have produced an abundance of great video games. Nevertheless, they’re not all equal. If you’re looking for one of the greatest games of this century, you will definitely want to take a closer look at The Sims 2. It is true that there are a lot of Sims games out there. Nevertheless, The Sims 2 tends to be much better than the rest in the serious. In fact, Sims 2 for Win 10 is one of the hottest games in quite some time. Below, you’ll learn a great deal more about this specific video game.


When you take a look at the improvements made from The Sims to the Sims 2, you’re going to quickly see why so many people want to download Sims 2. The improvements have been downright massive. The most obvious change is the graphics. They’ve been improved significantly. The world can be viewed in full 3D. It looks gorgeous and more details compared to the previous game in the series. A week cycle has also been added. In The Sims 2, the character’s body shape will actually change based on their diet and exercise level.

The game is a little more realistic than the previous one and that is why you should check out and learn how to download the sims 2 it for yourself.

Game Type

First and foremost, you should learn a little more about the basics of this video game. How does it work? Well, The Sims 2 is actually a simulation game. When you sit down and begin playing, you’ll be able to create your own in-game character. The character is referred to as a Sim. After that, you’ll be able to shape the character’s future. You will have fewer limits. You get to choose your Sim’s job, hobbies and so much more. You can even find a lover and get married.

A Real Gem

At the end of the day, the Sims 2 is really one of the most popular and successful games ever. The game received high scores from critics. On Metacritic, the game maintains a score of 90. IGN gave Sims 2 a 9.4 out of 10. It has also received numerous rewards. GameSpy and IGN gave the game its Editor’s Choice Award. It also won Best Mac OS X game and Best Video Game. Suffice to say, the game is very good. Even if you’re not a fan of simulation games, you can guarantee that you’ll love The Sims 2. Just be careful because it is very addictive.

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