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Of course, you know the Solitaire game from the computer. It is one of the most sought out and played games on the internet. In 1990, Microsoft launched Windows 3.0 – the Solitaire game was a part of this software version. As a card game, Solitaire dates back to the 18th century, but it was already played on other computers as well. The Windows operating system became increasingly popular, causing the Solitaire game to increase in popularity as well. Because everyone who used a computer or a laptop could play Solitaire now. It happened a lot at the office. When Windows 95 was launched and it became more common for people to have a PC at home, Solitaire was also played more and more at home. However, beginning with the Windows 8 version, the card games were no longer provided free of charge. For this reason, the game is becoming more and more popular on the internet.

The rules of the Solitaire game are not difficult, but it is not always possible to solve the game. On the contrary: it has been calculated that, in the version with three cards, the game can only be finished 48% of the time. In the version where you play with one card, the game can nearly always be finished.

Solitaire is played as follows: You take 1 pack of cards without the jokers. Seven rows are laid down on the tableau, beginning on the left with one card and, moving to the right, another row with two cards, and working your way to the right-hand side to the last row with seven cards. Only the top card of each row is face up. When the tableau is filled, several cards will remain. These are placed face down in a separate stock pile. There are also four empty spaces (the foundation) on the tableau. The objective of the Solitaire game is to place all cards on the foundation. You make piles here that sequence from Ace to King. This must be done according to colour and number. For example, you first get a pile of red diamonds that goes from low to high – from Ace, 1, 2, 3 all the way to King. Then you get a pile of, for example, all spades. It is also possible to shift cards between the seven piles. This can only be done in descending order and the colour of the cards must alternate – for example, a red 6 can be placed on a black 7. If you cannot lay down any more cards, you draw a card from the stock pile.
Does this sound difficult? Just play the game once and you will see that you like it so much you can hardly stop playing. For example, take a look at the website, which has many different types of Solitaire games that you can play online for an unlimited amount of time. And they are completely free of charge too!

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