Club Manager 2019 now available on desktop

January marked the soft launch of Club Manager; the new football manager game by GamoVation. Under development for the last two years, the game has been everything we expected and more. The game is now also available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Club Manager, as the name goes, is basically the coming together of football and the management styles that accompany it. Once you join the game, you’ll be assigned with a fairly simple football team, along with some Manager Cash and Manager Coins; with the ultimate aim of managing your team and leading it to unmatched glory.

Revolves around card packs

The game is, at bottom, based on cards and you’ll be required to open several card packs in order to further your chances of obtaining better items and upgrades for your club. The cards are basically classified into two; permanent and consumable cards.

Permanent ones come in the form of player cards, manager cards and emblem cards, while consumable cards include training cards, injury treatment cards, exhibition match cards and the likes.

Free cards after every match

You will be awarded with free cards at the end of every match, with the possibility of securing the unique and legendary 6-star rated cards. Special event card packs are also held on a weekly basis, where you will be treated to amazing offers.

Football games come in the form of division, competition and exhibition matches. These matches can be played on a daily basis, nevertheless a given number of times in a day. Playing more daily matches incontrovertibly translates to collecting more free cards.

What’s more, the most alluring part of the game is that you are rewarded with free Manager Cash regardless of the outcome of a match; with the only outstanding difference being that Manager Cash rewarded for a win is more than that of a draw or a loss.

Upgrades to increase club status

Although the main aim of the game is to win League and Cup competitions in order to earn your place in the history books, it won’t be without the upgrades. Upgrades not only play a pivotal role in increasing the status and stature of your team, but also go a long way in improving the performance as well.

Improving the quality of your pitch will massively lessen the likelihood of sustaining injuries, especially to your key players, whereas upgrading your training facilities will quickly boost the skills and technical abilities of your players.

Freedom to choose tactics

Every football team is a direct reflection of the personality of their manager. That probably explains why some teams transform into entirely unrecognizable sides after a managerial change. As manager, you will have the freedom to choose whichever lineups and tactics you so please.

Mobile versions

When finally launched across the globe, Club Manager 2019 will indubitably be the best football management game in the world!

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