The 7 Biggest Trends in Video Games

These days video games are nothing like the past. With loaded features and humane spirit, there is so much more to expect. Even if you are into online gaming, we are sure you would like to try out games online with Starburst; they are both fun and rewarding.

So, let’s have a look at the biggest trends taking the Video-gaming industry by a storm.

  1. The Feel Factor:

The biggest innovation has come with the introduction of designs which have feelings and emotions while playing video games.

More and more developers are looking to unlock this feature by creating games which move the players. Things like peace, compassion, feeling for others are being deliberately fused in the gameplay.

This ‘feel engineering’ by Funomena is the newest trend.

  1. Streaming:

With fine-tuned and very streamlined mechanics, Video-Gaming is much better than before, it is nothing like the traditional ones.

With Twitch mechanics being introduced by Lumberyard, the video-game software is much more in control offering high-quality experience and visuals.

  1. Mobile Gaming:

With Nintendo entering the gaming market and many new mobile games introduced every now and then, mobile gaming is definitely going to rule the roost. The best example is Pokemon Go and PUBG.

In fact, PUBG, the very popular battle royal for smartphones has made new world records. It has achieved a new landmark, with more than three million players in the United States and 100 million global players. This is phenomenal!

  1. Console Upgrades:

This sounds inevitable, with the number of gamers increasing day-by-day and emerging trends seen and noticed in the gaming industry, Xbox and PS 4 have brought their newer versions in the market.

The new ones on the block are Xbox One S and Xbox Scorpio. This means some very serious hardware upgrade and increment. Sony’s PS4 Neo is electrifying. With much better features, add-ons and technology, video games are also doubling-up.

  1. Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality showed us that complete strangers, living in different parts of the world can come together to play a game.

Pokemon Go is the best example. This is really revolutionary. It was very common to see people, comprising of a group of teens, kids, youngsters on the roads and playing Pokemon Go. Niantic made huge profits. Much had to do with the new trend Augmented Reality (AR) to do with this!

  1. Virtual Reality

It is also the age of Virtual Reality. Oculus Rift and Steam have shown us how? There are millions of people who own a PS4. Gear which has come up with Minecraft is pretty neat. With Virtual Reality (VR) in the gaming industry, we can expect people from different places in the same room with different avatars. Isn’t that cool?

This computer-generated simulation with headset, gears and gloves can make you interact with the real world in a much more fascinating manner. With sensors attached to the game and sight and sound in sync, gamers get the best super-effects.

  1. Inclusivity and Appeal

One can also see how games are reaching out to more and more people with each passing day. This is tremendous and widely prevalent.

The truth is, video games are a great way to reach out to people.

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