Upcoming PC Games 2019

PC games have a great fan-following. This year many new games are going to be added to the current list. Fans are eager and anxious than ever, and even if you like casino games like roulette, you can claim free spins here we are sure PC games rank right at the top.

So, here is a quick guide about the upcoming PC Games to help you know what to expect in the coming months…

Warhammer: Chaosbane

The newer version is going to give you a good number of rivals and baddies to fight off and whether you play local or online, it is going to be damn fun. With four archetypes to fight with, there are going to be over 60 different kinds of god minions in Chaosbane.

Anno 1800

This is going to come from Gamescom. This is going to uplift the players to the 19th Century where there is everything modern, sparked by industrialization. This sequel is going to give you a pretty good story line-up, charismatic screen-play, visual effects and a lot of action. With a customisable sandbox mode, individual opponents and a gripping story, this one is sure to excite you.

Mortal Kombat 11

This 11th instalment from the gory killer is going to thrill you, with the advantage of customising your characters the way you like, this one is going to be pretty slick. There is going to be plenty of fighting involved.

Dangerous Driving

The one I have been waiting for. Yes, Three Fields are going to come up with their new PC game after Burnout’s crash mode. With the best super-effects and 30 full tracks in different and perfect locations, this one is going to be full kicked-up Burnout Package for the curious and apprehensive gamers.

World-War Z

One of the most awaited ones, and a perfect PC game for Team-Based Combat, this one is definitely on the top of the list. It is going to get bigger than ever with two players of four shooters, shooting at each other.


This is the story of a young girl whose house is attacked and which leads to many powers generated inside her, she sets on a journey of her own to reunite the land. With party-based combatting, keeping you at the edge, this PC Game is sure to rock your world.

Beyond Blue

Another top one to expect in Early 2019 is Beyond Blue. With many strange and rare visual sights to offer, there will be a distinct thrill to watch deep sea footage and visuals, full of mystery. It will keep you alert, alarmed and excited and take you to a world of spooky under-water adventure ride. It’s one of those great games out there that brings a flavour of the 90’s back to you.


This one is going to give you a sci-fi feel. GTFO will drop 4 scavengers in a tunnel. The tunnel which is badly worn-out and really shabby, full of monsters lurking is where the adventure occurs. This one is going be truly scary, with grey and dark background, silence at small intervals and grotesque and unsightly creatures.

Other than them, there are plenty of others like Necrobarista, Untitled Goose Game, Blazing Chrome which are worth the wait. Which game are you waiting for?

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