4 Weird and Wonderful Games You Need to Play

Video games have provided us with many hours of endless fun over the past few decades. What began with primitive pixels on a screen has evolved into a highly immersive world of hugely successful games with the ability to transport us to whole new worlds. It’s a highly lucrative market with over 2.21 billion video game players worldwide, and that number continues to grow according to https://www.statista.com/.

But not all of them are high-concept blockbusters, some of them are straight up weird, and we love them for it! There are many that don’t make a whole lot of sense and you have to wonder who even came up with the idea in the first place.

If you’re in the mood for some silly fun games, you’re in luck. Here are four of the best odd games out there that you should totally start playing.



One weird game that truly brings a smile to the faces of players is Octodad: Dadliest Catch. Octodad is a game where you play as an Octopus who’s, well, a dad. This octopus is trying to pass as a human, wearing a suit and going to his office job while he looks after his children and gets ready for his wedding.

Part of the game is getting him dressed for his wedding, which is much harder than it sounds. Controlling his eight limbs is a feat in and of itself and makes for a ridiculously funny gaming experience.

It’s a strangely addictive game and it’s available on pretty much every gaming platform now, so you can try your hand at it pretty much anywhere. But be warned, getting used to the controls is a tricky task!

Daring Dave and the Eye of Ra

The world of online slots is a varied one and, whatever you can think of, there’s probably a slot for it. One of the stranger online slot themes is Daring Dave and the Eye of Ra. Betfair describes the game as telling the story of an office worker who leaves work to go on an epic, daring adventure: https://casino.betfair.com/c/slots.

The game also has three ‘episodes’ as you play, which is unusual for most online slot games. It has an Egyptian explorer/Indiana Jones theme and a symbol called Mr Daring Dave, the alter-ego of the office worker protagonist.

It’s a fun game with a silly premise that you don’t often find in online slot games and makes for a funny switch up from other titles.

Goat Simulator

Up there as one of the weirdest video games of all time has to be Goat Simulator. Sure, we’ve all heard of or even played Truck or Flight Simulator games, but here, you’re playing as a goat.

At first glance, you won’t believe that this is actually a game. You play in an open world map literally, as a goat. You can ride skateboards, headbutt people and bounce on trampolines – all as a goat. It may seem truly bizarre – and it really is – but it’s also a lot of fun.

It’s not a game with a storyline or missions, but it is a fun boredom buster that can keep you entertained on the bus or when there’s nothing on TV. It’s also available on most devices so you can live your best goat life wherever you are.

I Am Bread

I Am Bread was branded ‘the weirdest game of 2014’ on https://www.vice.com/ and for good reason – it’s totally crazy!

In this game, you play a sentient piece of bread whose goal is to become a piece of toast. That’s really it. You sit there, lonely on the kitchen counter, and your goal is to get to the toaster and become a piece of toast. But you need to navigate the many different obstacles along the way.

It’s much harder than it looks, as your ‘edibility metre’ goes down whenever you touch another object, and moving around isn’t so easy. But one thing’s for sure, you will get far too invested in this silly game once you do start playing!

There are so many silly and downright daft games out there to play, and we couldn’t possibly list them all here. But these are just a few of the strangest and most ‘out-there’ games we could find. If you’ve got a free couple of hours and don’t know what to do with them, these games are sure to keep you entertained.

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