Could Apex Legends become bigger than Fortnite?

Things move fast in the world of video gaming. Whilst Fortnite was undoubtedly the game of the year in 2018, it looks like there’s a new challenger in town. Whilst it’s yet another battle royale title, Apex Legends, has come from nowhere to break records and it seems as though the Electronic Arts new release could give Fortnite a real run for its money.

Apex Legends was released with very little fanfare at the start of February 2019, and it picked up well over 25 million users within the end of the first week. Whilst most games are accompanied by plenty of hype, Apex Legends was a true word of month sensation. With 10 million players in its first three days, the game smashed the record set by Fortnite that took two weeks to achieve the same feat.

On the surface, both games follow the same battle royale template. Simply by downloading either free-to-play title, you can compete with fellow players to stay alive in a constantly shrinking map. But Apex Legends appears to have trounced Fortnite by including some very innovative features.

These include the likes of allowing players to redeploy if they get killed, and the inclusion of some LGBTQ heroes shows that the games developers, Respawn, are nicely up to date with social changes. But it’s the communication methods that have made Apex Legends by far the most intuitive battle royale title out there at the moment. No more having to bark orders at your teammates, as you can now just simply use the ping feature to point out on the map where you think your team should head next.

We should also mention the fact that Apex Legends is set in the same universe as the hugely popular Titanfall series. This means that the gaming universe will feel very familiar to players of this game, and you’ll also benefit from Titanfall’s spectacular weaponry options.

But whilst overnight gaming sensations like Fortnite and Apex Legends can appear huge one moment and vanish the next, it’s clear that esports could hold the key to both titles’ long-lasting success. Investing in esports gives games publishers little in the way of short-term revenues, but they have proven to be essential in giving games like CSGO and League of Legends a much longer lease of life.

Thankfully, it looks like Respawn have learned these lessons when they decided to set up a competitive tournament for Apex Legends that featured a $200,000 prize pool last month. It will be interesting to see whether competitions like this prove to be popular enough to feature in the odds at betting resources like, but as the world’s biggest video games company, Tencent have already expressed an interest in licensing Apex Legends, it’s clear that the title has a bright future.

Tencent have already picked up the hugely popular Fortnite title, and with their investment, we can expect both battle royale games to feature heavily in the gaming world in 2019. Fortnite has managed to get a registered user base of no less than 200 million in a short space of time, and Respawn will be working hard to ensure that no teething troubles affect the fortunes of Apex Legends.

It remains to be seen whether Apex Legends can foster a social community that has helped Fortnite become such a world-beater. Many Fortnite fans like the game for being a good place to hang out with friends as well as being great to play, but with the current figures, it looks like Apex Legends might not even need such a feature.

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