Rethink Your Ecommerce Efforts and Replatform 

Every ecommerce business owner looks forward to that boom period when customer numbers climb and sales soar. Regardless of whether youre a select line-up of video game titles to domestic customers or marketing a huge product range of video gaming merchandise to international buyers, high-volume growth is an exciting prospect. However, it can also be an incredibly daunting and expensive one to the unprepared. Many merchants arent prepared for the implications of high-volume growth and spikes in traffic and orders. Site crashes cause costly downtime, transactions are abandoned due to faulty checkouts and increased site maintenance makes for significant expense. To stave off this nightmare scenario, future-proofing your ecommerce business with Magento migration.

Replatforming is the ideal way to offset the unwanted underbelly of growth periods. The best solution providers will work with you to identify your particular requirements to create a bespoke approach to the replatforming process, while also taking time to consider what your competitors are doing to ensure youre not left behind in the market. As long as you opt for a provider that delivers priority support and an in-depth introduction to the platform during migration, you can rest assured that the extended future of your ecommerce endeavours will be a bright one.

Planning and making the move to migrate 

No matter whether youre working with an in-house team or third-party insights, youll want someone in place to oversee launch to ensure all deliverables are achieved well within deadline. When it comes to selecting a chief engineer to oversee launch, youll want to ensure youve opted for someone with proven expertise in ecommerce, combining top-tier technical knowledge with a keen grasp of strategy. Replatforming tools in collaboration with custom mapping are utilised to transfer all your essential data relating to your products, transactions and customers.

Fine-tuning the build 

The building stage will see your new ecommerce enterprise really come together. During this pivotal part of the process, youll l be able to implement taxonomies for your products, customise your theme, prepare your raft of communication templates for customers and more besides. The most flexible and user-friendly replatforming solutions are built on open-source languages that allow you complete freedom with the likes of Javascript, HTML and CSS. As such, its easy to create an engaging ecommerce experience thats been specially optimised for all device types. This is particularly important when you consider the signifiant slice of them market who now shop almost exclusively via their smartphone or tablet devices.

Looking forward to launch 

Once all the nitty gritty is done with, you can move on toward launch. Youll want to ensure any issues have been identified and resolved before you launch proper, so exhaustive QA testing is recommended as the standard. More in-depth customer use experience cases can also be compiled at this stage, giving you a more accurate insight into how bona fide users are finding your new ecommerce platform. Once everything has been tested and the final configurations have been made, you can look ahead to enjoying the yields of a migration well made.

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