5 Tricks to Improve Your Gaming Skills

Gaming is popular all over the world and among different groups of people, therefore improving the personal gaming skills has always been an important issue. We have prepared the 5 general tricks to improve your gaming skills and they can be used across from PC and consoles. Also they’re going to cover games from shooters, adventures to online casino games.

Number 1. One of the most important tricks is to have a wired internet connection. The difference between a wireless and a wired internet connection, when it comes to gaming, can play a big role, because you are going to have better download and upload speeds, but also you’re going to have a lower ping, a better connection and less chance of getting disconnected from games.

Number 2. Your display. A lot of people who play on console tend to play on a TV just because it’s convenient, it’s large, a lot of your friends can look at the same screen. One of the biggest downfalls when it comes to playing on a TV is its latency. Latency this is basically the time it takes for your TV to receive input from your game console and then for it to project that image to you. It’s kind of a complicated process of how it gets all transmitted, but basically the lower the latency, the better and faster you’re going to be able. A lot of monitors have a lot lower latency than TVs, so if you can try and play using a monitor, see if those settings improve your game. If you are going to play on a TVs, use gaming mode that will lower your latency and give you a slightly different picture. If you don’t have the above-mentioned settings, you can always just boost up your brightness and your contrast and that’s just going to make it a little bit easier to see enemy players or really just things that you need to focus on. If you’re not having any problems with that just keep your settings where they are!

Number 3 is pretty similar to your display, but it is how far away you are from your TV or your monitor. After doing some research online a lot of health professionals are saying that 16 to 30 inches is the ideal distance for a monitor which is also 40 to 75 centimeters, that is really good for your eyes. If you’re gaming, it’s better to have the monitor that’s 20 to 29 inches, if you don’t want anything too massive, but you also don’t want to get too small that you can’t see anything.

Number 4. 3d Audio. This is a really cool thing and making the switch from a normal headset or even just no headset using like a TV speaker or something and then going to 3d audio is really just mind-blowing. First of all, you’re able to locate people just based on their sound and also the audio quality is so much better than playing in an open room.

Number 5. Plug and Play. If you do want to upgrade make sure that you have a wired mouse keyboard controller, because that’s just going to further improve your latency. If you are playing something competitive feel free to use one of plug-and-play packs. That way you can get the cord, you can plug it into your console and it’s really going to help out your signal connection and just kind of improve how fluid you move. If you don’t want to play wireless and you just want to use that to actually charge your controller, that’s always a good thing.

Just be conscious of what you’re doing, use high-quality equipment, learn from professionals, practice and you will surely reach the pro level in the near future!

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