Stream PC Games to an Xbox One: Is That Even Possible?

Looking to play your old PC games on your new Xbox One? Worried that it isn’t possible? Have you heard about Microsoft’s latest project? If you haven’t and you are a gamer, then you should get out of the hole you are in right now. On Wednesday, March 13, Microsoft announced that players who own Xbox One can now stream PC games.

However, you will need to download the newly updated app Wireless Display. And you will still need your standard Xbox controller and mouse so that you can remotely control the console. All being said though, it is an exciting alternative if you have already tried out your hands on online gaming with Betfred promo code for new customers, to make some money.

About the Microsoft Wireless App

The Microsoft Wireless app has been in the market for a lot of time although it has been under different names. It initially started as an app for the Surface Hub. Moreover, it was usually used to be connected for Windows.

However, you should note that Microsoft has been finding ways to stream PC games to the Xbox One. But this method is the best that they have come up with so far. Now that the app has been updated then it is possible for any Xbox user to stream games on it. You will be required first to sync the two devices then you can control your PC wirelessly with an Xbox one controller.

How do you stream PC games on an Xbox One?

Here are a few steps which will guide you if you want to stream PC games on your Xbox One.

  1. Download the Microsoft Wireless app on your Xbox One.
  2. Open the app and connect it wirelessly to your PC.
  3. Press Windows Plus P which will bring the Project menu on your PC.
  4. You will be required to click ” Connect to a wireless display ” which will pop on your screen.
  5. The Xbox one option should appear. Click on it, and you will be ready to start streaming your PC games.

What are the challenges of the Wireless Display app?

Over the past couple of years, a lot of gamers do not see the need to own a PC and an Xbox One. This can be attributed to the fact that Microsoft usually streams their games on both PC and Xbox. Moreover, gamers have the option of getting an Xbox 360.

You will also be required to use traditional input method so that you can stream games. However, that should not discourage you from getting the app because Microsoft introduced Xbox keyboard and mouse support. It can support some games from your PC to your Xbox One.

Even though you will be required to connect to wirelessly most of the time you will face poor picture quality. Moreover, the performance may not be as good.  But as long as you can enjoy your PC games on a large screen, then you should not be discouraged.

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