The Lost Light of Sisu Review

The Lost Light of Sisu published and developed by Goomba Stomp is a platformer that relies heavily on its physics mechanics. With a very simplistic look to it and only 3 Worlds to explore you can get through this game’s entirety within a few hours, which feels just about right. With a difficulty that doesn’t soar past anything too hard, those looking for a challenge will need to skip past this platformer as it isn’t going to bring out the rage in you as you go through each level in each World.

As mentioned previously The Lost Light of Sisu is made up of three Worlds, with the first two Worlds having 20 levels each with a Boss also being present on these two Worlds and the third solely being a Boss. There’s no specific order that you have to play through the levels, choosing an order as you please and only having to complete ten before having to face a boss, so if you want to half your time and head straight to the Boss, this game let’s you do just that although I never found any reason to skip over any of these levels as there’s only a handful to get through to start with and they aren’t too lengthy either.

You play as a small purple one-eyed cube traversing through these different planets/levels. Your objective in each level is to get from point A to B and along the way picking up powers that will give you different abilities and change the colour of your cube shaped friend. These abilities can range from allowing you to jump higher and run faster to make your way over the obstacles that lay in your path. The levels aren’t too challenging to get past but can get you thinking for a second as you try to force your way past what I can only describe as green turnips shooting in and out of the walls and ground, as well as rectangle fish and other weird objects that shoot balls at you.

The one good thing about this game is that you can’t actually take any kind of damage as you make your way through the levels, but you can suffer that fate of being forced back to the beginning of the level if you don’t time a jump right. The Lost Light if Sisu has a very simplistic look but still manages to look quite nice, at first look the game reminded me instantly of Ori and the Blind Forest which visually I thought was a beautiful game. I was let down with the soundtrack of the game or should I say lack of as there is no real sound at all in the game, the loudest noise coming from your cube shaped friend himself when he gets into a bit of a pickle with the enemy.

With a game that in the beginning had me interested to jump straight in, the hype I had subsided very quickly. I went in thinking there would be a bit more to the game but it was pretty plain for me. With the levels being quite basic and not really having to use much brain power to work my way around obstacles it was not as fulfilling as I’d hoped. There isn’t really any connection to the character you’re playing as too, with the small cube being almost completely silent. Also the lack of soundtrack in the game became very underwhelming quickly.

So with The Lost Light of Sisu giving me a little fun it wasn’t something that lasted long enough to make me want to pick this game back up after playing through once, but for those of you who want a physics based game that isn’t going to last too long and require you not to focus too hard on getting through levels, then giving The Lost Light of Sisu a chance will give you that.

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