What’s the deal: Escape From Tarkov Trading Tips

In Escape from Tarkov, you won’t be able to get rich without trading.Thus, it’s important to know all you can about this particular in-game endeavor. After all, it’s one thing to simply sell stuff you have, and it’s another to make as much profit as you can. If you want to achieve the latter, read up on these tips!

Looting and Making Money

Escape from Tarkov is half Battle Royaleshoot-em-up and half loot-em-up. This is because while other Battle Royale games also have looting mechanics, in here you get to keep what you get from your matches. Such a feature should incentive you to get what you want and need. There are times, however, when you get something good but isn’t necessarily essential or to your liking. In such instances, you’re better off trading it.

Thankfully, there are two ways you can trade items in the game. The first one is through dealers–NPCs you can find in maps. You can sell them the items you have no use for, and then use the money you get to buy items from them. Do note, however, that the currency you’ll be trading with them–there are four: US Dollars(USD), Roubles, Euro, and Bitcoin–vary from one dealer to another. While most of them deal in Roubles,and some in Euros as well, the Peacekeeperonly trades in USD, while Mechanicis the only one you can buy from using Bitcoin.

Diversity and Growing Loyalty

Speaking of variety, dealers have a specifically unique kind of Escape from Tarkov items for sale. For example, while Prapor sells Russian bloc weaponry and protective gear, Therapist sells medical supplies, maps, and other consumables and utilities.

Unlike your usual shop NPCs in video games, you get to increase dealers’ loyalty towards you. The higher it is, the better items you can buy from him or her. To bring your dealers’ loyalty to the next tier, you need to make a certain amount of purchase and bring the level up to a certain. For example, with Skier, you need to be PMC level 15, have .20 Reputation, and have bought 1,100,000 Roubles worth of wares from him. It should go without saying that the higher the loyalty is, the higher the requirements will be.

Tips of the Trade

Other than spending currency, you can also trade with dealers through bartering instead. Do note, however, that dealers are looking for a specific item (or a set) in exchange for a certain one. For example, with the Mechanic, you can exchange a Rolerwatch for a PP-19-01 Zenit. The Roler is worth 75,700 Roubles, while the PP-19-01 Zenit is worth 89,160.

Also, other than dealers, there is the Flea Market, which Escape from Tarkov’s version of the auction house. Much like all games that have player-to-player trading, Escape from Tarkov trading displays the game’s player-directed economy. However, much like player-directed economies in other video games, that of Escape from Tarkov’s makes the task of making a profit quite the challenge.

Thankfully, there are some ways for players to do so successfully. For example, to make more money, you need more flea market offers. To do that, you need to increase your reputation. Another example: if you want to beat the competition by offering cheaper items, check the prices in the flea market first and sell yours for 1 Rouble cheaper.

Being a PMC is more than just learning how to shoot and getting gear and items so you can fight and survive. It’s also about trading–so that you can get better gear and more items with which you can fight and survive better. So don’t take trading for granted because you’re going to need it!

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