Your guide to historical sim World of Warships: Legends, out today on PS4

World of Warships: Legends was born out of players and our desire to bring world-renowned naval MMO action to the latest generation of consoles, while adapting it to the realities of bigger displays and gamepads.

The game allows players to go to battle at the helm of various WWI and WWII warships like the Iowa or the Vanguard, while being assisted by historic admirals such as William Halsey or Philip Vian, among others.

Our game is easy to learn and there are many aspects that players will be able to master, especially when it comes to operating different ship classes.

World of Warships: Legends

The ships

From swift destroyers, threatening the peace with their deadly torpedoes and performing stealthy attacks from smoke screens, to noble cruisers which offer a well-rounded experience, and all the way to floating fortresses that are battleships. Armed with the most powerful guns naval history has seen, players can choose their playstyle and rhythm, as each class takes a different approach.

We begin our voyage with USA, Japan and UK as the main nations and plan to add more in the coming months.

World of Warships: Legends World of Warships: LegendsWorld of Warships: Legends

The commanders

Our roster of commanders is truly historic in nature and elegant in presentation. The art team have put their digital brushes to great use to display the clout, determination and experience they possessed. When it comes to gameplay, commanders do a great job of enhancing your ships’ combat proficiency by providing a set of skills. Those skills can improve various aspects of warships, starting with survivability and ending with gun turret traverse or torpedo reload. Mix and match commanders, ships and their skills without penalties to find the ultimate combinations.

You can hone your skills or just try out something new in Versus AI battles, fighting against bots and getting a good grasp of your latest ship of choice and then putting your experience to the test against other players in Standard Battles to show what you have learnt.

The modes

Battles themselves can also fall into 1 of 2 categories – Domination or Capture the base, but no matter what the objective is, you will always win by destroying all of your opponents’ warships.

World of Warships: LegendsWorld of Warships: Legends

Outfit your ships with modifications and upgrades, camouflage and boosters to enhance their performance even more.

The locations

From tropical islands to icy glaciers, you will encounter a plethora of environments to disturb the peace in, while proving your supremacy or helping your team members.

The graphics

We give you the most realistic representation of historic warships, coupled with superb water surface and stunning lighting. Don’t forget to fire your guns while looking at the sunsets! HDR support is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro with 4K coming this Summer.

World of Warships: Legends World of Warships: LegendsWorld of Warships: Legends

The future

The content updates will happen regularly and with them players will see even more warships, more commanders, more maps, more missions and more new features – the first among them – Campaigns, which you will find out about very soon!

See you on the high seas. Turn the tide!

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