How the Online Gaming Industry is Growing

Gambling and casinos have always been popular as a form of entertainment, and betting has been around since the British arrived on American soil. To this day it keeps growing and is now expanding to other countries. In America, there are 460 commercial casinos, the biggest of which being WinStar Casino on the Oklahoma-Texas border, it houses 7400 electronic games and 99 table games as well as 1000 hotel rooms, so players can stay overnight in luxury. This casino exemplifies the spread and popularity of gaming in America, with over 410,00 people being employed in this industry in Nevada alone (2017).

However, the rise of Internet gambling, or iGaming, that has also come about in the last 15 years is definitely a heavyweight in the industry, growing and growing as technology has improved. The popularity of online games can be attributed to a few factors.

  • Accessibility – anyone can play if they have a phone, laptop or PC, and an internet connection. For people who can’t afford to travel to a land casino, iGaming is a great way to participate – actually being able to play is the most important thing for a business, or in this case, game, to succeed. And, with an estimated 164 million having access to online gambling through mobile devices, companies have a large pond to fish from.
  • Extensive choice – with graphics and storylines, online games give a much wider choice to players than land casinos can, because they can take games that already exist and add new dimensions easily through graphic design. This range of options is attractive to players and means that websites reach a wider audience too.
  • Playability – easy access is one thing, but simple and intuitive games are a sure way to success. Unlike many confusing and complicated ‘traditional’ games that exist in land-based casinos, the kinds of games that you play online often have instructions, step by step guides and you can even access an information site if you want the best strategies, tips and some bonuses for different games.

It makes sense that gambling has become digital because most games have in the 21st century. Although board games are still being produced and are often found in the homes of more quirky individuals or families that have them as Christmas Day traditions, there can be no doubt that when you say ‘game’ to a young person, they will immediately think of something that they played on a Nintendo as a child or something that they are currently playing on their Xbox.

Across the Western world, gambling is seeing a reboot, not to mention it is becoming more commonplace; most people will have turned on their TV at some point and seen an advert for betting companies and blackjack apps. Whilst land casinos give you more of an ‘experience’, and are more luxurious than sitting at your laptop, they just cannot match in efficiency and money-to-playing ratio, so it looks like cyber casinos will just keep growing.

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