A Brief Selection of the Best Animal-Related Video Games

As most gamers will already know, it’s a well-established fact that animals can replace human characters rather easily in the video gaming realm. After all, the large majority of animals are at the very least as complex and interesting as either me or you and this often makes for great entertainment. However, as is the case with most gaming categories, there are some which are more playable than others. To save you having to play through some pretty terrible titles (Nom Cat and Super Ostrich Simulator immediately spring to mind), we’ve compiled a short list of video games which relate to our furry friends in some way.

Released for Microsoft Windows back in 2014, Depth is still without a doubt one of the most realistic animal-related gaming experiences out there. From controlling a shark’s every move to snatching up divers for a quick lunch, the game has you thinking like a predator and adopting different strategies in order to stay alive. What’s more, you get to choose from four different shark species (mako, great white, tiger and hammerhead), all with their own benefits and drawbacks. There’s also the opportunity to play as the legendary and ferocious megalodon, which is thankfully much more entertaining than the Jason Statham movie of the same name, which reviews over at The Ringer prove was a disaster.

Fluffy Favourites
Fluffy Favourites is an interactive, five-reel, animal-based online slot game. Although there are already a number of themed slots out there, this offering is slightly different as it relates to, you guessed it, stuffed animals. Set to a bright green backdrop littered with rainbows and sun rays, Fluffy Favourites is as aesthetic as it is rewarding. With a number of interesting features including a toybox pick, which can land you a prize of up to a 100 times your total bet, Fluffy Favourites is a serious slot game in its own right. And who doesn’t enjoy a good stuffed toy? Right? You can play Fluffy Favourites slots online at Aspers.

Video games which revolve around dinosaurs always tend to do well. The various adaptations of the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World franchise have generally hit the mark and who could forget the classic that is Turok: Dinosaur Hunter? Urvogel Games’ Saurian is a slightly different dinosaur offering in that the player gets to wander the prehistoric landscape as their dinosaur of choice. In terms of scientific accuracy, Saurian really gets it right in many ways and a lot of thought has gone into making the game a real experience as opposed to a slog.


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More Than Just a Pretty Face
Although the inclusion of animals in sectors such as the movie industry adds that extra bit of cuteness, animals are an entirely different prospect in the gaming arena. Sure, there are your typical “cutesy” games which include cats, dogs and even the occasional unicorn, but animals are becoming competent gaming characters in their own right.

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