Thanks to current-gen consoles, first-person shooters have become almost as accessible and user-friendly as they are in PCs. That’s why Apex Legendson a PS4or Xbox Oneis by no means a lesser experience compared to that on a rig. And to get an even better bang for your buck (even though Apex Legends is a free-to-play game), make sure to check out the APEX Account Calculator for a proper valuation of your account.

By the Numbers and Hints

First off are gameplay settings. Most of them are good enough by default in your Apex Legends account, except for these two:

  • Damage Numbers:This is better off set to Floating, as it will help you tell how much damage you’re dealing against a particular enemy.


  • Button Hints:Once you’re already used to the game and have memorized the controls, you should turn this off as it tends to be a bit distracting sometimes.

Scheming Little Shooter

Now we move on to control settings.

For this section, we’ll first tackle the controller presets. Like most video games, the default for Apex Legends’ is already fine as it is. Nevertheless, if you want a more advanced configuration that will allow you to perform more elaborate moves, here are the others:

  • Bumper Jumper– Sets jump toLB/L1. This allows you to jump while moving the camera at the same time, which is a big help when looking out for or shooting enemies while airborne.
  • Button Puncher– Sets crouch to R-Press/R3.
  • Evolved – Sets jump to LB/L1and crouch to R-Press/R3.
  • Grenadier– Sets grenades to RB/R1and ping up to the D-Pad.
  • Ninja– Sets jump to LB/L1and crouch to RB/R1. This gives you much ease when trying to view your surroundings while either jumping or crouching.

Do note that while the non-default presets are going to give you an edge in certain situations, they can also take quite some time to get used to. If you’re a relatively new player, you’re better off sticking to the default. And if you’ve been playing for quite some time now and want even more freedom or maneuverability, switching it up would be a good choice.

Presses and Sounds

For other controller settings, check the following:

  • Movement/Aiming– Set it to the highest sensitivity. While it may be tough at first because you might not be used to the over-responsiveness when the camera is being turned, you eventually will. At the same time, don’t force yourself to get used to it if you can’t. Instead, set it back to default until you get the hang of the game.
  • Response Curve– This is better off set to Steady, as it will make aiming slightly faster, in turn allowing you to rack up more kills.
  • Vibration– This depends on your preference. If you prefer some level of solidness in your gameplay experience, this is better left on. On the other hand, if feeling the vibrations is throwing your aim off, it’s more ideal to turn it off.
  • Field of Vision– Set it anywhere from70 to 80. This will widen your peripheral view, which will help you spot nearby enemies more easily.

Finally, for audio settings, this all boils down to personal preference. Lots of players turn the music down so they can hear certain sound effects and in-game voice more easily. As for subtitles, if you have trouble hearing or have poor audio, it’d be better to keep them on. And if they seem to be quite the distraction, then you’d be better off not having them at all.

PC isn’t always master race; Apex Legends on your PS4 and Xbox One is proof of that. With the proper settings and top-notch skills, trust us; you won’t be missing that keyboard and mouse combination!

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