Coming Soon To Xbox Game Pass: Resident Evil: Revelations, Goat Simulator, And More

More games coming to Xbox Game Pass in May. See the list of titles and the dates they’ll be added below and check out our Xbox Game Pass Instagram and Twitter accounts. Also, be sure to check out our Xbox Game Pass mobile app so you can discover and download new games immediately when they become available.

Xbox Game Pass news announced at E3 2019:

*At E3, we announced that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will also include Xbox Game Pass for PC… with no increase in price. So you can get your first month of Ultimate for $1 right now and play over 100 high quality PC games with our new Xbox (Beta) app for Windows 10. Get started here, where you can download our handy installer which will make sure your PC is compatible and on the latest version of Windows 10, and will install the new Xbox (Beta) app.

*With Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, members will get access to Gears 5 Ultimate Edition, including all the benefits like the Ultimate Edition Character Pack, 30 Days of Boost, early access to play four days earlier than everyone else, and all Xbox Game Pass members have a hall pass to be the first to play Gears 5 via the tech test in July. Play the entire Gears of War anthology with Xbox Game Pass so you’re on top of your game when the time comes.

*State of Decay 2 dropped its biggest expansion yet with Heartland, and it’s 100% free to all Xbox Game Pass members! You can thank us after you survive the blood plague ferals…

*This isn’t new news, but since many of you may be new fans, we want to remind you that all Xbox Game Pass members get exclusive member discounts, like up to 20% off games in the library, and up to 10% off related add-ons and consumables. So, go snap up stuff like the brand-new Forza Horizon 4 LEGO Speed Champions for 10% less!

Here’s what’s coming to console and PC in the next couple weeks:

June 20

June 27

We add new games all the time, but to keep the library curated and fresh for you, we do have to let go of some beloved titles. Here is your warning that some of these games are leaving soon, so play them now! Or if you love them too much to part with them, don’t forget you can use your Xbox Game Pass member discount to buy them at up to 20% off before they go.

Games Leaving Xbox Game Pass for Console

  • Next Up Hero (June 27)
  • Dead Island Definitive Edition (June 30)
  • Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition (June 30)
  • Shadow Complex Remastered (June 30)
  • Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (June 30)
  • Zombie Army Trilogy (June 30)

My last reminder is that you should grab your first month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $1 while you can. Download the Xbox apps for PC and the Xbox Game Pass app for Mobile to stay up to date on the latest games. For more memes, follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and for news about PC gaming, follow our new PC Twitter handle @XboxGamePassPC. And don’t forget that you are all breathtaking.

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