CSGO Skin Gambling Boom

Being the fourth video game in the Counter-Strike series, “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” (CSGO) gained extreme popularity as a first-person shooter game with multiplayer mode. CS GO players may acquire virtual goods, which are mostly cosmetic elements. They are called “skins”. Though skins do not really affect gameplay, players can earn real money by purchasing and selling them. Certain uncommon skins cost hundreds or even thousands of USD, and players buy them in spite of high price. In fact, skins possess real value and serve as virtual money on the steam market. This brings meaning to CSGO betting.

Skin gambling is a widespread practice in a number of game communities, though it initially occurred within CS GO player community. Since game product developed by Valve Corporation and Hidden Path Entertainment is getting more popular, autonomous skin gambling market is flourishing as well. Every month millions of players bet on CS GO via special third-party sites created for gambling. Money turnover in gambling industry of CS GO skins is estimated at more than $5 billion.

There are numerous gambling opportunities for Counter-Strike players, involving both real money CS GO betting related to the match results and casino-type games, namely roulette and blackjack, jackpots and lotteries, dice, coin flips, etc. Along with traditional gambling techniques, special case sites are getting popular among players who can obtain “cases” (sets of various items) there for real money.

Playing process on CS GO gambling websites is quite simplified:

  • create a skin deposit by trade:
  • get a number of coins equal to skins value or purchase coins for money;
  • use coins as tokens for CS GO bets;
  • buy skins from marketplace to withdraw the winnings;
  • get a trade with the selected skins.

Criteria for choosing CS GO gambling site

The quality of third-party gambling websites may differ a lot. Some of them are intended to scam the gamers. However, high-quality CSGO betting service at csgobettingz.com fully meets the following criteria for a good and reliable site that should:

  • have many active players, pages with predominant positive reviews and messages;
  • show user-friendly interface and well-developed design;
  • provide customer support (e-mail, chat, social media);
  • offer promo codes, bonuses or free coins for website testing;
  • propose clear and fair withdrawal options.

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