5G’s Impact on the Future of Gaming Smartphones

Smartphone gaming has become increasingly popular, and the technology has improved to make the streaming quality higher and the lag time shorter. Though smartphone tech has become conducive to gaming, the transition into 5G will facilitate the industry even more. The fifth generation mobile network is set to increase our interconnectivity, streaming speeds, and the ability to send and receive large files. 5G will create a world that has 4K video and virtual reality become commonplace, and gaming will be greatly affected by these advances.

The History of Gaming on Mobile Phones

Ever since Snakebecame the world’s most popular mobile phone game, gaming has gone from blinking pixels to virtual worlds that are just about to become mainstream. With Snake, the first real mobile game was rolled out on the Nokia 6110 phone, but once Wi-Fi was established the industry has been unstoppable. With console and PC games advancing day-by-day, the future of gaming as a whole is related to the future of smartphone gaming.

The Present of Mobile Gaming

In 2012, smartphones passed the 50 percent benchmark in the US and the country began to get the first reliable data reports. Gamer publishers quickly became successful in app stores, which established the smartphone as a legitimate method for gaming. It wasn’t until 2016 that the revenue for games on phones passed consoles and PCs. This brought the infancy to maturity in just under 20 years.

Battle royale games like Fortnite and PuBG Mobile have shown that the gaming technology has advanced more than people had ever thought. The experience between console and PC games and was seamless and the industry made a lot of money since then. Fortnite made $100 million a month in 2018, which was a big year for mobile games in general.

Since then, the evolution of data science has made the future of mobile gaming more foreseeable than ever. Industry expertise has also improved greatly, and all of this will be enhanced by the rollout of 5G including hardware, individual networks, and further advancements like AI. Highly personalized experiences bring mobile games into every aspect of our lives.

Smartphone Gaming, 5G, and the Future

Growth in the markets with the transition to 5G will drive mobile gaming to new heights. Games are projected to be the highest category for consumer spending in the year 2023. Mobile gaming revenue has already significantly passed PC and console games, 5G might just make them obsolete.

When 5G becomes widespread, technological advancements will drive the next wave of mobile innovation. Gaming is often one of the leading industries of this technology and has the potential to change human behavior in regards to consumption with exponentially higher speeds and lower latency.

According to the site MoneyPug, which is used to compare mobile phones, 5G will enable faster downloads and upload speeds. They will unlock the ability for mobile games to be downloading nearly instantly. Large file mobile games, those with more than a hundred megabytes can be downloaded very quickly. Downloading files at once allows players to access content immediately.

5G will not just make the speeds faster, its lower latency, which is the time it takes to get to and from a server, allows for quicker response times and less lag. Real-time multiplayer on mobile networks is impossible with 4G, there’s nothing more frustrating than having your inputs ignored or being delayed. 5G will eliminate these problems and go even further. Soon high quality games will be streamed from wherever you are.

Both advertising and the monetization of games will undergo a large shift. Video ads are commonplace but they’ll have to evolve with the shifting consumer expectations, delivering content faster than ever before.

As 5G becomes widespread, much will change. Gaming is just one of the areas where things will evolve. Not only will streaming be faster and games will no longer lag, virtual and augmented reality will hit the gaming industry before the others. It is an exciting time, and those with a lead on the technology will make a lot of money. Gaming will become more and more phone-focused, and the mobile industry will make new devices and games with this technology in mind. For anyone interested in games, it is an exciting time to be alive.

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