How to make money playing games?

Have you heard people talking about making money online just by playing games and doubted them? Well, you’re not alone. The majority of people I come across don’t even believe me when I tell them that not only is it possible, it’s also feasible — if you know how to do it right.

Making money playing games isn’t the easiest, but it is worth it once you get started. All you need to know is where to get started and voila, you’ll be pulling in cash right from the comfort of your home, and that too by simply playing games online. Here are a few methods you can pursue to make money playing games

Professional Gaming

There are quite a few ways to start earning online. The more conventional methods include gaming professionally and earning through winnings or contracts with organizations and sponsors. For that, you need to put in enough time to develop your skills and grind to make a name for yourself. That requires thousands of hours of game-play on average. Skills are what count here. Getting skilled enough to actually compete in tournaments and competitions and then win them and make a name for yourself is what will bring in the money. You can also join an eSports organization that will offer a contract paying you weekly or even on a monthly basis. This will offer a good steady income for yourself and allow you to earn money just by playing games. Organizations and sponsors will also give you equipment and merchandise which will grant you access to earning even more money. However, you do need to have a decent gaming PC to compete at a high level, so you have the edge over other opponents and can improve your gameplay.


Streaming is an extremely viable method of earning through playing games online. There are multiple platforms on which you can stream and cash in just by playing games. Two of the most popular streaming platforms are Twitch and YouTube. You can earn revenue from ads and sponsors on your streaming channel while gaming. The more viewers you have, the more likely you are to earn a significantly higher amount. You can also get a donation from viewers which is a plus. Subscriptions get you recognition and that gets you more viewership, which leads to higher revenue. All you need is a good PC. Some streamers even use two PC’s, one for gaming and the other specifically for streaming. This makes the experience smoother overall since streaming takes a toll on your computer and may lead to reduced graphics performance if you’re doing both on a single computer. Through streaming, you can also introduce yourself to the celebrity community and have a follower-ship on other platforms, like Instagram and Twitter, which can grant you even more revenue.

Casino Games

Although this category isn’t exactly the most moral for some people, it can be extremely lucrative. Casino games can get you a ton of money, and that too very quickly. Of course, there are safer ways to play the slots, but they might not guarantee as high revenue as going all out. There are a plethora of trusted, legit websites available on a Google search that offers casino games with real money and real rewards. You need to connect your credit card on any legit website and you can start earning money by playing a wide variety of casino games. The earnings are real, but so are the losses and that’s where you should be slightly cautious. Gambling is an addiction and you should never base your primary income on casino games or gambling. Play responsibly and ensure that you can cover your losses without any serious damages to your financial situation.

Websites that offer money for gaming

There are websites like Swagbucksthat offer money for completing online tasks. The gist of your job description is that you need to complete online tasks that are offered on the website. They can be anything from watching videos, shopping online, searching for products and playing games too. You can also take part in the featured daily promotions for games. You gain experience by playing them and earning Swagbucks which you can get converted into real money later on. The games are easy and all you need to do is play and earn your money.

There are other websites that offer similar paths to earning real money. Another website that allows you to play an excess of 600 games and earn money is Paid Game Player. The only requirement is that you have to be 18 years old to register and start earning. There’s a wide variety of games that you can try out, play and earn from. It’s simple and easy and offers handsome rewards once you get into it at a good level.

Exodus3000 is a game that offers an interesting storyline, great game-play and handsome rewards for the time you spend earning Mars Dollars, which is the in-game currency. It’s one of the most popular multiplayer role-playing games out there that offer real rewards for in-game currency (Mars Dollars). There are a few ways to earn Mars Dollars in-game. You can attack and loot other players, search for minerals and Mars Dollars in ruins or simply mine it through volcanoes. You even get 5000 free Mars Dollars as a reward for signup up. You do, however, need to spend a lot of time gaming and mining to get a significant amount of Mars Dollars. When you’re able to accumulate a significant amount, you can exchange the Mars Dollars for real money. The average exchange rate for Mars Dollars and the United States Dollar is 300,000 to 20$. This might seem steep but hey it’s a free way to earn from playing online games. The amount you earn is all up to the time you spend playing and can prove to easily be beneficial. Lastly, if you are looking for a fresh no deposit casino then don’t forget to check it out as this could be your new no deposit casino.

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